Sunday, March 15, 2015

Remember That Time I Used to Blog?

Well, it's been a hot minute since I last blogged.  Like almost two months.  I'd blame it on being extremely busy, but I am not really all that busy.  I think I just lost the motivation to write blog posts about my days because I am really not exciting.  I also am not an expert in anything fitness (although, I like to pretend that I am in my real life), so writing blog posts giving advice is also out of the question.  I read blogs every single day and I still try to comment as frequently as possible.  So, I feel that it's only fair that I give you highlights of my last two months.  It's been a lot of outdoor adventures, a lot of gym trips, a lot of birthday parties, a lot of friend hangouts, and a whole lot of running.

The Outdoor Adventures-

We get an entire week off for President's Day.  Yes, I know, this is very bizarre, but I absolutely was not complaining when it finally came time to have the week off.  I needed that week in a bad way.  The first part of the week was spend in San Luis Obispo playing in nature with my best friend.  It was so wonderful hanging out with my brother.  He's a terrible planner, so I was left in charge with what we would do the three days we were visiting.  That meant two hikes a day, because I needed to be outside as much as possible.  The weather was absolutely perfect.  It was in the 80s the first couple of days, then cooled off the day we left.  Thank you weather gods!

The weather was absolutely perfect when we returned home.  Luckily, I have a great best friend who will venture outside with me every single day.  And that's exactly what we did.  I have also gone adventuring with some of my old theater buddies.  It's been a really good mixture of hiking and the beach.  Exactly what I need after long weeks of working.  We're really into taking selfies of selfies.  Because hashtag nature!  

The Gym Trips-

I currently have the very best gym partner.  He can lift A LOT (his squat PR is 900 pounds.  Yes.  NINE HUNDRED), but he's such a nice person that he lifts 10 lbs to make me look super strong.  Okay, that's false, but he really is the best workout partner.  It doesn't even feel like we are lifting when I am with him.  He also makes me do my core at least once a week, so he wins massive best friend points for that.  I have been lifting 4-5 days a week on top of all the running I have been doing.  I feel strong and in the best shape of my life.  I also found out that it is very important to match your workout partner when lifting.  You make more gainz that way.  Science.

The Running-

So, I've done it.  I've decided to run a marathon.  Becoming a part of the running club was the best idea I've ever had.  I have met so many phenomenal runners and have become close friends with a few of them.  Karen has quickly become my best running buddy and a really great friend.  She and her husband are totally badass runners and are running Boston in April, so I've joined them on their training journey, running most of their long runs with them and several of their weekly runs as well.  I've done a 20-miler with them and yesterday I did 17 (because I was going to a play and ran out of time to finish the last 3 miles, boo).  I am really, really enjoying the long runs.  I am really enjoying running in general these days.  Racing, I haven't been enjoying as much.  I cannot get my head in the game.  I raced a 4-miler last Sunday and came in 2nd woman over and 15th person overall.  It was an extremely difficult race for me mentally, much like my last race in January.  The weather, however, has been phenomenal.  I think California forgot winter this year.  I'm not complaining.  

The Friend Hangouts-  

It is really hard to make good friends in adulthood.  I have been lucky enough to find my soulmates and I am not quite sure how I lived without them for the majority of my life.  There have been some birthdays in the last month and those always require themes.  There was a penguin party and a bowling party.  I've also been working on my bowling skills.  I've gotten quite good at my form.  There was one day where we all sat on the couch together photoshopping on our phones.  We are big into matching and we've decided that the wolf is our spirit animal.  I never feel lonely, and that's a really amazing feeling.

I know this post has been extremely picture heavy and not very wordy.  I still don't think my words are coming to me the way they are supposed to.  So, I will leave you with one final picture.  One of my very favorites from the last month and a half.  Family dinners still happen every Sunday and they are more exciting each week as my niece grows.  This was our drum circle one night.  I am seriously blessed.

Tell me all about your life!  I still love each and every one of you!