Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Some Random Facts

I have nothing exciting to post about because every day of my life is like that movie Groundhog's Day. Exactly the same. I am making some fantastic friends with a few ladies in my cohort, which is wonderful. We have so much in common that I feel like we could talk forever and still not run out of things today. I really enjoy class.

So instead of boring you with the same details I write about every day, I decided it would be fun to write some random facts about myself. I also don't have any new pictures, so I've interspersed some really random oldies but goodies.

I eat dessert every single night. I don't feel right if I don't eat something sweet after dinner. Lately I've been on a homemade applesauce kick that I pair with a pile of dark chocolate chips and a piece of dark chocolate. I obviously love dark chocolate. The darker the better.

I can't watch a movie or tv show without doing something else at the same time. I don't know why this is, but I can't just sit and watch the screen. I have to have something else in front of me to make me feel a little more productive. Most nights, to unwind, I sit in bed and knit while watching a few episodes of a TV show. The past few nights I've been playing homework catch up while boyfriend and I laid in bed watching New Girl. And right now I have Friends on in the background.

On that note, if I'm not doing something, I will always fall asleep watching the screen. It seriously takes me several days to watch a movie. I even have been known to fall asleep in movie theaters. It annoys everyone I know, but I really enjoy my sleep time.

Every year around this time, boyfriend and I go mushroom hunting. Boyfriend loves mushrooms. He has a huge book of how to find the good mushrooms and he does massive amounts of research. We have already eaten some delicious chanterelles which are $25/lb in the grocery store. 

I hate canteloupe and pineapple and cilantro. With a firey burning passion. These are the only three foods that I really refuse to eat because they make me gag. I can't explain why. And everyone tries to convince me that fresh pineapple is the best. It's not.

I have a sushi party every year for my birthday. I grew up making sushi and having sushi parties with my family. When I returned home from my first year away at college, I decided to start a tradition. Everyone brings something and we all celebrate and have a great time eatin massive amounts of rice and nori.

I watch everything with the captions on. Our landlords while I was growing up have a daughter who is deaf. We are really, really close with this family and we were always at each other's houses. My soul mate is her sister. So, we always had the captions on for her which made it completely normal for me.
I actually can't stand when the captions aren't on now because I feel like I miss so much.

There are so many more random facts about me, but I will save them for another post.


  1. Dude, I am the same with dessert!! I still feel hungry unless I've had something sweet after my meal!

  2. I can't stand to just watch TV or a movie, either! Even if I'm just screwing around on Pinterest and not being at all productive, I have to be doing something else. And I have also fallen asleep during more movies than I've actually stayed awake for. My dad and brother are the same way. My mom won't let us watch TV or movies anymore when we're all there, because she ends up being the only one awake, haha.

  3. I LOVE random posts!
    I freakin' love mushrooms!
    You don't like pineapple? OMGEE. I loveeeee pineapple!
    And you already know I love Friends :) :)
    Can't wait for the next post!