Sunday, October 13, 2013

My 24 hour weekend.

Okay, so it's a little longer than 24 hours, but who's counting? Not me when the hours of my actual weekend hurts to think about. Luckily, I have been making the best of them and cramming as much as I possibly can into those hours.

Saturday, after class, I came home to hang out with boyfriend and the dogs. I got to take my brand new running shoes out for a spin. My wonderful father bought me a new pair on Friday afternoon (after a 5.0 earthquake hit). I've been needing new shoes for, well, an embarrassing amount of time. I'm an Asics girl and I stuck with what I know.

When we came back from our walk, I forced him to workout with me. We were pretty cute during our couple's workout and even matched. I promise we didn't do that on purpose.

Of course, I had my usual snack after the workout. I've been obsessed wth hummus and carrots. Like super obsessed. It's bad. 

That picture was from Friday afternoon, but it was pretty much the same, only I was in sweaty workout clothes. 

Saturday evening we met up with some friends and went to a beach bonfire. It had rained earlier in the day, but cleared up and was freezing by the night. I had three layers of clothing on and borrowed a hat from my friend.

Luckily, the fire and good friends kept me warm.

Especially when my hat got stolen away from me.

Today I allowed myself to sleep in. Until TEN! It was lovely. Then we headed to boyfriend's mom's house for our usual brunch.

Boyfriend's grandma has Malcom's sister, so they played for hours. I found them like this under the table after we ate.

He was so tired that he didn't even wake up when I picked him up to hold him.

Then it was time for my long run. On the treadmill again since it was so close to dinner time and I didn't want to be far away.

As you can tell, the run was great. I was in a really good space. I even ran with a 2% incline for most of the run. Turns out, running is easier when you have had a good breakfast. I usually do my long runs first thing, so I haven't eaten.

This is what boyfriend did while I was running.

Family dinner had a lot of people tonight. My brother brought his new girlfriend and my brother-in-law's little brother had his friend who is a girl over.

Now that I've typed out my 24 hour weekend, I can't even believe how much I did. I can, however, believe how much homework I didn't do. No need to stress. I work best under pressure.


  1. You and your BF are sooo cute :) :)
    JG and I match sometimes without even realizing it, too!

    Way to go girl...11 miles!!! WHOOP! :)

  2. Your puppy is the cutest thing ever. You packed a lot into that one day! How many more weeks of Saturday class?

    1. Thank you, he really is adorable, as much as I tried to convince myself we didn't need another dog! I have 5 more weeks of Saturday classes. Our last one is the Saturday before Thanksgiving.

  3. New shoes, especially Asics, are the best!!!

  4. Is Brother touching Girl Friend at the dinner table? Who is he? Where's my baby boy?

    1. He is. It's weird. Let's not talk about it. Isn't he still 3?