Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Hello October! And negative splits.

Is it just me or does time seem to pass much more quickly as we get older? I feel like it was JUST the holiday season and now we are quickly approaching it again. October is probably my favorite month (besides December when my birthday and Christmas happen). 

It's already the middle of the week! I guess it helps that I am so busy every day. Mondays and Wednesdays I have the afternoons free, so I've been taking the opportunity to run outside to keep up my awesome sock tan and also because I know once winter decides to hit, I won't see outside very much.

That Garmin picture was from Monday. Don't ask how I went so fast, because I honestly have no idea. I didn't look at my wrist the entire time and just went with the feel. I also had to stop to tie my shoe THREE times, despite the tight double knot I did each time. Noob mistake. I also tried to be artsy and get a picture of myself relaxing after the run. I got this.

While I lifted, Boyfriend was amazing and fixed my car. The check engine light had come on Sunday morning and I got really nervous. He switched cars with me on Monday and took it to get checked out. Luckily it was just a bad spark plug and he was able to replace them all, thanks to YouTube.

Tuesday was the same as the last 6 Tuesdays. In other words, the longest days of my life.

The only other photo I took all day was on my drive home 14 hours later. It really is a lovely drive home.

Today was another run outside day. I came home and just wanted to sit down and sleep for the entire afternoon, but I strapped on the shoes and the Garmin and headed out. I was so tired and wanted to cry the entire time. Then I saw this.

No WONDER I was tired. I decided my body needed a break and only did abs instead of a HIIT video. Then I did some more cardio at Kohls where I spent way too much money. I also played with Milo, who is finally home from his dad's house.

I've been focusing a lot on negative splits and FINALLY I got perfect negative splits on my run outside.

I'm pretty proud of how far I've come since January when I was in the hate part of my love/hate relationship with running and had only run about 3 miles a week for months.

Tomorrow I get to lead my very first IEP, which is making me so nervous I could vomit. But I won't, since that would out a damper on the evening.


  1. GOOD LUCK with your IEP!!!!! :)

    You inspire me girl! Every time I read one of your posts and see your awesome times, I want to become a better runner!!!!
    Happy Thursday!!!

  2. PS~I'm guessing your birthday is 12-23???
    Then we really are made to be BFF's birthday is 12-22!
    Two bestie's birthdays in the same month - one day apart = fate :)

  3. I hope your IEP goes well! That has to be so much pressure. Great workouts, as usual. :)