Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Pumpkinless Patch

It was my third week of Saturday school, out of 7, so that's really exciting. This week we got to work individually with our student while our partners watched an critiqued, then my partner and I ran a small group instruction. We are teaching typically developing students who have a bit of trouble with reading, which is so opposite from the students I usually work with. My background is in the moderate to severe population, so it's been really interesting working with these kids.

Saturday night, my mom decided to have an early Thanksgiving because she found a huge bag of cranberries and had made the first batch of cranberry sauce for the season. I'm obsessed with homemade cranberry sauce and this was the most perfect fall meal. 

Then boyfriend forced me to play a board game that he bought last week. It's super nerdy and all fantasy-like. I did not understand it at all, but I pretended like I did.

He met a friend at the bars around 9 and I promptly fell asleep. There was a half marathon that I was strongly debating running this morning, but I could not bring myself to get up early on the one day I don't have to be up early, so I opted
For the gym instead.

This run felt easy until about an hour into it. My body is tired. I'm pretty positive I'm fighting off a cold. Everyone around me is sick, including boyfriend, and my lymph nodes are swollen. My throat doesn't hurt, but I feel super lethargic. So, I laid on the gym floor for longer than usual.

My sister, mom, and I had planned a fall day for this afternoon about a month ago, so my mom made a fall meal. I got to refuel with chili, fresh salad, and apple crisp. Then we went to the Pumpkin Patch. That had NO pumpkins. So we took awkward family photos in front of the corn maze instead.

I didn't realize that a pumpkin patch could run out of pumpkins before halfway through October, but it was really depressing. Luckily the corn maze was open.

We went through twice. Since we couldn't pick pumpkins.

We also took real family photos.

My brother didn't get the memo that we were supposed to wear our alma mater sweatshirts.

I got to finish off the day eating more food at my dad's house and laying on the ground with this beautiful lady.

I cannot believe tomorrow is Monday already. They seem to come really fast.


  1. Nothing like going back to work and putting in 14 hour days to bring on a bad cold. I always know I'm getting one when I'm exhausted for no reason (after lots of sleep) too. We play this dorky game called Munchkin that's definitely something straight out of the Big Bang Theory, but I love it! Dorky, confusing games are the best!

  2. That stinks that there were no pumpkins!!!