Friday, January 3, 2014

So What Now?

I've been putting off writing the obligatory New Year's Resolution blog because, to be honest, I really have no true resolutions. Since I completed last year's goal (not resolution because it really was just a goal), I have thought of other goals, but they're time consuming and I need to figure out if I truly want to commit to them. Of course, my biggest goal for this year is to get a job after my program is complete.

I have been thinking about fitness goals for 2014, and I know I want mine to have something to do with weights. 2013 was focused on running. I trained for my first half marathon and completed it. I fell back in love with running and know how good it makes me feel. I still lifted 4 times a week, but my focus wasn't there. I would like to go heavier in 2014. I would like to switch up the routine I've fallen into and challenge my body in a whole new way. Let's see if that actuall happens.

So those are a few thoughts I've had floating around in my head. Who knows what will come of them. The big fitness goal that I have floating around will be the ultimate test of willpower and will take a lot of time and dedication. So my feelings on it goes back and forth daily. I will let you in on it as soon as I make an actual decision.

Yesterday, was just another day in the life of Rachel. Boyfriend only worked a 24 hour shift, but he went out with a friend for 6 hours so I was on my own. It was absolutely gorgeous outside (sorry East Coasters...) and the thought of a treadmill run absolutely killed me inside. So, I stepped outside.

After my run, I forced myself into the gym where I trained my legs for an hour. I usually just get straight off the 'mill and lift, but since I had the time in the car to cool down, I realized just how sweaty my lifting routine makes me. I was dripping. Also, the gym was surprisingly quiet. I basically had the gym to myself. Usually January is crazy busy.

As if an hour of legs weren't enough, I it on the stairstepper for 10 minutes of HIIT at the end. I was basically dead.

Then, I went to my friend's house where we made zucchini lasagne. It was wonderful, even if we took way too long to make it and didn't really follow the recipe. It was the company that mattered, anyway. 

Today was back and bicep day. It was no longer beautiful outside, so treadmill it was.

Boyfriend and I went to Costco and ran some other errands when I was done. And now we are laying in bed watching Say Anything. Apparently it's a really popular movie and I'm incredibly late to the party.

Tomorrow marks my last weekend of freedom before beginning real life again.


  1. I am very similar in the 'resolution making' process. I feel like trying to change/add/delete something in my life for 12 months will be very difficult, unless it is a whole lifestyle fitness for some people.

    I'm amazed at your gym! Where are all the resolution members? LOL. Our gyms here are blocked with people.

    Good luck with making your decision. Sometimes things like that are very difficult to come to a final conclusion. Ultimately you will do what you really want to do. :)

  2. I think whatever goals you set for yourself you will tackle them with determination and willpower!
    I'm jealous over your beautiful run. LOTS of snow and the high has been 4 degrees - not perfect running weather at all! Last night Gunshow's car said -13!!! EEEP!!!!!

    Happy New Year!!!

  3. I'm excited to see what your specific goals will be for this year. You did such a great job in 2013 and I'm so impressed and inspired by your dedication!