Wednesday, January 8, 2014

I Was That Girl

I had a dentist appointment today at 3:15. I only tell you the time because it's important to my story. My mentor teacher told me it was fine to leave at 2, and it's 30 minutes exactly to the gym. I had about 35 minutes of awkward time, so I did what any normal person would do and ran.

It's blurry, because if you notice the time, it's 3:06. I quickly washed my face and got into the car. Still sweaty. Which meant I was incredibly sweaty when I got to the dentist.  I had time to brush my teeth in the bathroom even though I was 5 minutes late. This is me in the bathroom, still sweating.

Yeah, I was that girl. The one who didn't shower after a workout and went into public. I sweated all over that dentist chair and I didn't even care. A side note; am I the only one who gags at that gross stuff they polish your teeth with? I definitely went back to the gym after to finish up my workout.

Then I decided that, since I was at the gym at the correct time, I would go to my circuit class that I hadn't been to in months. I honestly don't know when the last time I went was, but it was the best decision I've made this week. My trainer always kicks my butt.

Now, I am laying in bed, obsessively watching Scandal. Netflix judges me and asks me if I'm sure I still want to watch. That's how obsessed I am.

Have you ever been the smelly kid?


  1. I have never been the smelly girl... but do not judge you for your smelly actions!

  2. Dentists deserve it. For all the torture they put us through, they can deal with a little sweat!

  3. I normally don't go to the store all sweaty because I AM THE SMELLY GIRL! I have to shower immediately after my work outs because my sweat stiiiiiiinks!!!!
    But I'm sure the dentist didn't mind. They probably have seen worse.
    I also hate the polish stuff at the dentist. It grosses me out! I bring my own water bottle in because their cup of water is not enough to rinse my mouth!

  4. I have also went out in a good I usually wear a big thick headband to 'hide' my runner's hair. ;)