Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Did We Skip a Few Seasons?

This morning I had to brave the freezing cold to warm up my car before leaving for my student teaching placement. I figured this meant that the day would be cold. So, I layered up as I always do. I finally left the classroom at lunch time to grab my lunch out of the car. And then, I finally decided to check the weather. Because I was dripping in sweat the second I stepped outside.

What?!? It was 73 degrees. In January. We are supposed to be getting pelted with rain during winter. We need snow in the mountains. This is going to be a very bad year for water. But right now, I don't really mind. I couldn't even fathom running inside, so I took it outside.

It was beautiful and I was drenched in sweat by the first half mile. This run was hard. Really hard. My body is tired and I wasn't mentally in the game. I finished though, and it felt extra good to have that vitamin D.

My last two miles were extra slow because I took this goober.

He is fast and can keep up with me, but he zig zags all over the place and clotheslined himself a couple of times. Silly boy. I also did a T25 video to complete my workout for the day. Milo came to visit and he didn't get the memo that it's summer in January.

I am wondering when California will get the winter memo that all of the rest of the United States received. Hopefully soon. Until then, I'm soaking up all of the outdoors I can get.

How is the weather where you are?


  1. We had 12 feet of snow a week ago and then two days ago it felt like spring. Missouri is NUTS!

  2. Yesterday was 45 degrees here! Whoop whoop!
    This morning? We received some new...yayyyyyyyy. Not.
    I can't wait for 73 degree weather! Send some our way and I will send you some rain :)
    BTW you inspire me - 6.22 miles in 48 minutes? AWESOME!!!!!

  3. The weird weather is worrisome to me. Like, how is this winter at ALL normal?!

    It's been in the low 50s here since yesterday. I'm so happy!

    I'm loving all the begging puppy eyes in these pics!

  4. Super cute doggy pics :)

    Winter has basically vanished here! We had -29 a little over a week ago then +10 this week. Crazy!