Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Busy Bee

I feel like the past few days have been a whirl wind since the race on Saturday. I am having trouble believing it is only Tuesday. I feel like it should be Thursday already. On Saturday night, the ladies and I got together and we made sushi. I'm slightly obsessed with sushi, so this was fantastic. We also celebrated a very big accomplishment of one of the ladies.

Sunday, of course, was family day. We slept in and then eventually headed south to the boyfriend's mom's house. He's a country boy, through and through, so there's always a new animal to play with. This week it was a lamb. I fell in love.

Then I travelled back to my dad's house for Long Run Sunday. Since I had raced the day before, I needed a nice slow run. And that's exactly what I did. I have incredible difficulty controlling my pace when I am running outside, so I hit the 'mill, which is a good thing I did because the weather is finally changing! I told myself I would walk or take as many breaks as I needed or stop if my body felt tired. Well, I actually felt really great.

This was waiting for me inside when I was done. Probably the best thing to find after a long run is food already prepared for you.

On Monday, it was back to my placement. I received a very nice email from my previous mentor teacher congratulating me on my race. News certainly does travel fast when you are on the local news. It was so good to hear from him and I always feel a little more at peace when we catch up. My new placement is quickly becoming my second favorite home. I adore everybody and all of the kids are so wonderful. I realized at the gym that I hadn't taken any weird selfies in the weight room for awhile, so I made sure to do that.

Today in the weight room, I got my first piece of unsolicited advice from a man. I was the only woman in the weight room and he came up to me to tell me to keep my back straighter. Which is good advice, but I didn't ask for it and I am almost positive he didn't give advice to the men in the squat rack doing half squats. I was a little perturbed. 

Tomorrow is finally Wednesday, even though I feel like it should've been Wednesday two days ago. I'm so confused.

Ever received unwanted advice?


  1. I get advice like that when I lift too. It's like they just try to find something. Maybe he just wanted to start a conversation with you. hehe. Seeing you run is really making me get the itch to run again. I told Josh I'm going to start to run again this spring but I want to take it slow, no plans, and no garmen.
    Ashley @ KickAshMom.com

  2. I would have been pissed. Maybe his intentions were to help you but he should have known looking at you that it wasn't your first rodeo! I hate how some men just assume that us women need their guidance!!! Rock it girlfriend!!!!

  3. Only one person ever gave me advice and it was from a man as well. SO ANNOYING. I loooooove sushi!! And I love that lamb. :) You look so strong in those pictures!

  4. Thank you for more awkward gym pictures!

    I haven't received any unwanted advice from strangers. I tend to put on my "stay away" face and glower to avoid being approached!

  5. 11 miles the day after a PR race?! Wowza. Also, my parents raised sheep when I was a kid...that lamb made me homesick. :)

  6. That is such a cute pic of lamb :) Great run by the way! That is so funny about the stranger giving you advice. Some people really think they have all the answers don't they? LOL