Tuesday, January 7, 2014

So, I'm Bad At Math

Yesterday it was back to the grind. While college classes haven't started up, us student teachers still have to go to our placements four days a week. The difference is that we don't have to be in class at 2:30 for another two weeks, so we have the afternoons free. So it's almost like a mini-vacation for most of us. Except that I have been asked to stay all day this week to help out due to lack of staffing. More experience? Yes please! Today I was completely in charge, and that was so exciting! Of course, this means I've been hitting the gym later than normal.

I'm totally lacking pictures for this post, so you get a random one of boyfriend, since he's at work and I miss him.

Yesterday, I hit the 'mill because of potential rain (us Californians need rain in a BAD way). My legs were heavy and I was tired for the majority of my first run, so I called it quits at 4.5 miles.

I went and lifted for about 45 minutes. There is just something so great about picking up heavy things. Running is my therapy, lifting is my anger management. 

I decided to get back on the 'mill to round up my workout. By the end of my lifting session, I wanted to run 2 more miles to make it an even 6. Well, my legs felt much better so, I kept going for another half mile. Apparently, I'm terrible at math and realized that 4.5 + 2.5 = 7.

Don't worry, I'm much better at teaching math than doing it in my head after a heavy workout session. 

Today was much of the same. It was leg day at the gym, a day that is always dreaded, but much loved. I have noticed such an improvement in my backside since consistently training my legs. I've also noticed much better runs more frequently. I'm a firm believer in squats. (firm.. Ha... See what I did there?) 

It's already Wednesday tomorrow! I am heading to the city this weekend for the night for a very special reason. I'm pretty excited and nervous.

What is your favorite exercise besides running?


  1. I want to do more strength training this winter. I like squats I just never seem to think of doing them! Thanks for the reminder ��

  2. Isn't it great when you realize you ran *more* than expected!? :) My favorite exercise besides running is lifting or do HIIT circuits or something similar.

  3. Hey, congrats on taking over the classroom! I remember how nerve-racking that was. And great attitude about getting extra experience versus having to stay late!

  4. It's cute how you say you miss your boyfriend. Mine was home for almost 3 weeks because of vacation and the snow. This is his first day back and I already miss him! My favorite workout is classes. I love being around everyone and getting strength plus cardio at the same time!

  5. I loved "taking over" when I was student teaching! When I transitioned to my second placement I was so ready to take over, after about 2 weeks, I was pretty much in control and I loved every second of it! I love teaching :)

    Great work out! I did squats the other day and my legs were burning! I love squats!!!! :)
    I can't wait to hear about your weekend and where you are going!!!!

  6. First, I loved what you said "Running is my therapy, lifting is my anger management." That is SO true! Second, I love that selfie of you at the end of the post, adorable. Running is my favorite exercise; it's hard to pick anything second to that.

  7. Agreed! Since doing even one round of squats, I've noticed my legs feel better during a run. I can't wait for my butt to catch up! lol