Saturday, January 18, 2014


Here's a fun fact about me: before I began dating boyfriend, I had been to Hawaii more times than I had been to Oregon. And Oregon is literally a 1.5 hour drive from me. Then I met boyfriend, and we began visiting the San Juan islands in Washington State each summer, which forces us to drive through Oregon. Now one of my closest friends lives here, so my sister, the babe, and I all travelled up here for the long weekend.

We stopped at a pretty well known rest stop (that is still in California) on the way up and got a picture of Paul Bunyan and Babe. Do you have a massive statue of a blue bull? Don't be jealous.

The drive was very uneventful and we got here safely. We spent the evening learning how to work on our terrible posture. Apparently you can stand up against a wall and tuck your chin in and do some arm exercises. It's a great look for everyone.

This morning was very laid back. I did a T25 video and then we went to the store for groceries. After breakfast, we headed to Portland to find a dress. We went to a nonprofit first which has used dresses that you pay what you can for and al proceeds go to the fight against human trafficking. We almost went with this one....

But we decided to leave it on the rack for someone else, because we are kind. The next stop was lunch. It was Pho, because it's been way, way too long since I'd had it.

Then we wandered around Portland because none of us had ever spent any time in that city. It's super adorable and I love it.

She had an appointment at a regular bridal shop at four.

Unfortunately, we didn't find the one, but it was really fun to feel like we were on Say Yes to the Dress for an hour and a half. We left Portland after that and then we went to a massive outlet mall where I was tempted to spend way too much at the Under Armour store. Tomorrow I am hoping to get a long run in around her town for a little exploring.

Have you been wedding dress shopping? Any tips?


  1. I love Say Yes to the Dress!!! I'm not a good one to ask, lol....since I bought my dress at the second store I went to! It was ivory with a tan coloured ribbon around the waist and strapless. :)

  2. Wedding dress shopping is so fun! I don't really have any tips either, except that you'll know when it's "the one." Mine was like the fifth one I tried on, and even though I kept trying on others, every time I was like, "meh." And I would totally spend more in the Under Armour store than any regular clothes stores. Sounds like you are having a fun girls' weekend!

  3. My tips on wedding dress shopping are super cynical...the main one being: you will probably NOT have that OMG IT'S PERFECT moment + tears. You might feel bad for not having that moment, but it's normal.

    I love that dress shop that just takes whatever you can afford. Smart idea! I was cracking up at the posture picture...I used to have to do chin exercises to help my migraines and I always looked like that!

  4. I haven't been dress shopping but I hope to one day! My mom used to joke about how she was going to make me stand against the wall bc I have horrible posture! I kind of wish she did!

  5. So cool that you have been to Hawaii multiple times! I really hope that I can go some day!!
    Confession: I have never tried Pho. I don't even know what it is.... :-/
    Wedding dress shopping is fun if you do it with the right people! The only advice I can give is that YOU KNOW when it is the one. I also have to agree with Ali that you may not cry and be like "omg! This is it!" The first dress I ever tried on ended up being the one and I just kept thinking about it! I didn't cry but when my mother, grandmother, and I went back to try it on my grandmother said that I looked liked a little kid at Christmas!!

  6. I love Portland! I was there last summer for my cousins wedding and I wish I could do weekends down there more often (It's hard to get a dog-sitter, otherwise we would). I can't wait to visit again for the marathon this fall (eek)! PS. that Pho looks delish. I haven't had Pho in ages but I bought a kit to make it at home, I just haven't had the time yet.

  7. Weird, I was just talking today about how Portland is one of the top four cities I want to visit soon!