Friday, January 24, 2014

Back At It

I am right back at it. And by it, I mean classes. Yesterday we had a three hour class and today we were in class for 6 hours. 

Sitting for that long kills me. My hips start hurting and I get antsy. Last semester I went to the gym before class, but this semester I am driving way too much to justify going to the gym before hand. So, I came home and did two T25 videos. I also bonded with this guy.

Notice I didn't run today? That's because after my workout, my mom and I headed to our local Red Lion for a very important task.

That's right. I'm racing. Again. Twice in one month?! Who am I? This time I convinced boyfriend to run the three mile. Actually, he offered to run it. This race is what started my race obsession last year, so I'm excited to run it again, even though it's extremely hilly and the last two miles is on the beach.

I feel incredibly underprepared. Especially considering there is a river crossing, so I'm going to have to run with heavy, wet shoes. But, I'm going to finish and that's all that matters. It's 8 3/4 miles of rolling hills. I've been incorporating hills Ito my workouts, and the last race I did was all uphill the second half, so I should be okay. Racing always makes me nervous, though. I have the promise of sushi with my best friends tomorrow evening to look forward to, also.

The girl in the grey with the scarf is also running the 5 3/4 mile race! I am very excited for her, as she has just found a love of running again. She's amazing. Now I'm off to eat a lot of carbs and rest.

Who's racing soon??


  1. I'm so glad the race was awesome!!! You're amazing!

  2. I wish I would've read this sooner so I could have said good luck! I hope it went well; can't wait to hear about it.

  3. YAYYYYYYYYYYYY!!! You freakin' rocked your race!!!!!!
    Love you <3

  4. What gorgeous views! I would have a hard time running fast because I would want to see everything!