Tuesday, September 24, 2013

That Vitamin D

The weather forecast from last Friday until tomorrow called for rain. A huge storm was supposed to make its way to us, but it only stormer briefly on Friday and there have been small moments of rain on and off. The rest of the time has been absolutely beautiful. So I've been running outside to take full advantage of it.

I kept getting comments on how I look so tan. I kept saying that I have no idea why I look tan because I spend the majority of my week inside learning to be a good teacher. Well, yesterday as I was hoofing it around the 'hood in the blazing hot sun, I realized that I am earning a runner's tan. And not just of the sock variety.

I finished my workout inside, but then returned outside to pick peas from our garden. That lasted 7.2 seconds before screaming and running back inside because my hand brushes a ginormous Pumpkin Spider.

My two best friends came right as I was finished to kidnap me an force me to go to Target. I mean, spending time with my best friends and my beautiful little niece. They really had to twist my arm. She totally passed out after a good meal. She takes after her aunt.

Thursday is Boyfriend's birthday, so I picked him up some candy to go along with his gifts. Then we noticed that Ben and Jerry's was on sale for extremely heap and my mom would have disowned me if I didn't pick her up a pint or two. Needless to say, it was very obvious to the people at Target that I am a healthy living blogger.

I came home to the best gluten free Mac and cheese on the planet. I seriously have no idea when the last time I ate macaroni and cheese was. I definitely went into a food coma afterward.

This morning was an early one. I actually got to te gym 5 minutes before they unlocked the doors. The treadmill was wonky and stopped at 1.75 miles, so I had I restart.

Please notice the hour. That's am. This is what I look like when my morning workout is complete.

The rest of my day was filled with students and then being a student. It started pouring again right as school was getting out and the drive home was gorgeous.

Tomorrow I just have student teaching and then I have a few tricks up my sleeve for boyfriend for his birthday.

Do you like spiders?
Morning, afternoon, or evening workout?


  1. Happy birthday to your fella! The faces you make on your blog make my day. :) I prefer morning workouts but usually do evenings because I have more time then. School needs to start at 9 a.m. so I can get in a decent workout. And maybe actually fix my hair. (Wrong. I would just run another mile.)

    1. Um, totally agree! School needs to start at 9am. But I do enjoy being done at 2. It's a give or take. And my hair is always in a pony tail. Every single day.

  2. I loved the picture of your cart! :)
    I love Ben and Jerry's "Phish Food" so good!!!
    If you come to NY, which you HAVE TO, we will take you to our ice cream joint -uh-mazing!!!!!

    I prefer morning work outs...get 'em done and have an awesome day knowing that you started your day off right! That's what I love about AM runs :)

    PS~You and I have the same water bottle...except mine is blue. We were meant to be bestie's!!