Wednesday, September 25, 2013

My First and a Date

Since I run by myself, I stick to my neighborhood. I feel very safe running by myself, especially in the daylight. I run up and down several culdesacs and there are usually at least 12 people outside working in their yards. I'm never really by myself. And there are very few cars.

Today, however, I was very close to home and I got my first creepy man yelling at me. I'm so used to eons left alone. I never get honks or catcalls. The man was driving a beat up old hatch back and I watched him physically roll down his window to yell very loudly, "YOU'RE REALLY MOVING FAST!!!" All I thought was thank you kind sir, but I do have a Garmin. And I was moving fast.

The run felt incredibly good today. I don't know what it is about Wednesdays, but I always seem to be a little speedier. Today's awesome run may have been due to the fact that I was fast asleep by 8:57 last night, giving me a full 9 hours of uninterrupted sleep.

I took boyfriend on a date tonight because his birthday is tomorrow. He had to schedule his birthday for my longest day of the week (besides Tuesdays). It was really quite rude. So tomorrow we are having a late dinner with his whole family, but tonight it was just us and Mongolian BBQ.

And then I had the best idea to get froyo.

I never regret that decision. After our froyo date, we headed to the Finnish hot tub place for a half an hour of hot tub time. The place is seriously straight out of a fairy tale.

We really enjoyed each other's company. We haven't gotten to see much of each other lately because of his work schedule and my school schedule, so it was nice that it was just us for 2 hours. Now I am fully planning on falling asleep before 9 again.

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  1. You rock girlfriend!!!!!!!!
    You were MOVING FAST!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I'm glad that is what the guy said to you and not something creepy...I'd have to come to Cali and kick his butt! :)
    They have hot tub places that you can actually go?? That sounds AAAMAZING!!!!