Friday, September 27, 2013

My Best Friend's Birthday

Yesterday was Boyfriend's birthday. Unfortunately, it happened to also be a Thursday which is one of the days I am gone for 12 hours. Of course, I was out of bed nice and early, even after being awake for a half an hour at 2:30am due to some person racing their extremely loud motorcycle up and down the street.

I have a slight addiction to Snapchat, so between sets to kill time, I Snapchat good morning sweaty selfies. I will spare you the one I sent and show you the best response I received.

I always come home from the gym to put on make up and eat breakfast and read blogs before going to work. I left the massive amounts of candy for Boyfriend on our desk before I left with a note that he Instagrammed.

It's true. I date everything these days. After 12 grueling hours (okay, I really enjoy those 12 hours because they are spent doing things I really enjoy), I made it to the resturaunt where we had to add an extra table because more people showed up than we had planned for, which was a really nice surprise.

We spent the time conversing the only way we know how... Over Snapchat.

Boyfriend ordered garlic fries and the beer sampler, which I guess is okay because it was his birthday and he can do what he wants.

I apparently was the only one eating and not using their phone at the table.

He had a really great time at dinner and felt so grateful that most of his friends were there to celebrate.

He went out with a few friends afterward, but my granny butt went home and fell fast asleep. It was 10:15 by the time I was asleep. It was way too late. It didn't stop me from getting out of bed this morning before school.

Another reason why my boyfriend is the best ever. Yesterday was his birthday and in my world, my birthday lasts all month, but I came home to this little gift.

That's right. He bought me froyo for his birthday weekend! He really is the best. Now we are having some quality family time.

He goes back to work tomorrow, which I am always sad about, but at least we got to celebrate his life this week!

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  1. That note is so sweet!!!!!!! I bet he was super happy to see his treats!!!!
    I love birthday gatherings, the best ever!!!!
    Tell him I said "Happy Birthday!"

    Speaking of birthdays....when is yours???