Friday, September 6, 2013

26.2 and I'm Spoiled

I keep track of my runs with the RunKeeper app on my phone. I am meticulous about this, adding in every little tenth of a mile. I was so excited today when I checked my mileage for the week.

That's right! I ran a marathon in a week! Do I get an award for the slowest marathon ever ran and most breaks taken??

Speaking if awards, on Thursday I got a special one from my administrator.

That's right! I had excellent attendance last year. Not perfect, mind you, because I missed one whole day for my sister's wedding, but excellent. I was one of 5 who got an attendance award and two of the others were my mentor teacher an my coworker. We are a classroom full of awesome! My work ethic is one part of me that I take pride in, so this was a fun pick-me-up.

Another fun pick me up is coming home to presents from boyfriend who has been at work for too long. I came home to this.

I am seriously the most spoiled person on the planet. I am so lucky to have him in my life.

In other news, I did squats yesterday and my legs are so sore today. I never fail to get DOMS after leg day.

I also have learned I really like working out early in the morning because no one is around to see me taking sweaty selfies and judge me. I have a blog, people, my readers sit and wait all day to see several pictures of me sweating! ;-)

Can you tell it's late (okay, 9:30) on a Friday night? This post is all over the place.

Any plans for the weekend?
What aspect of yourself do you pride yourself on?


  1. Love the new blog layout! Very pretty...although I was squinting a little at first to read it hehe.

    You are SO lucky to be spoiled. It took me like 8 years to convince Matt that sometimes "just because" flowers are nice. (Although now that he's learned it, he's pretty good about surprising me lol.)

    So pretty :) :)