Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Sock Tanlines

I have run outside more this week than I have in a very long time. I don't know what's gotten into me. The thought of being inside a stuffy gym while we are having beautiful weather just horrifies me. So on Monday, I ran around my neighborhood.

The sun was beating down on me and I was incredibly sweaty. But the vitamin D plus the endorphins were really great!

I also decided to get crazy and switch shoulder day from Friday to Monday because I go to the gym on Friday and they have machines I don't have at my house. But I can do all of the same exercises for the shoulders at home as I can at the gym.

Tuesday, of course, my run was inside because I don't run by myself in the dark. I get scared running alone in the daylight, I can't even imagine the heart attacks I would have in the dark.

For some reason, running at my normal pace feels really, really fast at 5 in the morning. I stayed the same and did chest/tricep. And then my long day began. Luckily, I came home to this.

I have a thing for quinoa these days. I'm in love. 

Today, the sun was shining again and there was a lovely breeze. I had to stop by the bank on my way home from work, so I decided to run laps around the park that's really close to my bank. It was a really good decision.

It was an accidental progression run and I actually had negative splits. It's a goal of mine to be able to pick up the pace on tired legs. 

No run is complete without a sweaty selfie. And no run can be bad when you get views like this.

I put on a HIIT video when I got home and then did 10 minutes of abs before I called it quits.

That big box behind me is actually boyfriend's birthday present. His birthday is a week from tomorrow and I have nowhere to put the massive box. So it lives in my home gym.

I made dinner tonight. The salad was made almost entirely of veggies from our garden. 

I have found the best part of running outside, besides having something to look at other than a wall or a TV and breathing fresh air, is the sock tan. 

You can't really see it in this photo, but it's definitely there. And I love it. I feel as though I'm a real runner now!


  1. you have to have tanlines to be a real runner?! Oh, no...this ginger will never be legit. :) I refuse to run in the dark, too...I live in a safe place, but I'm more nervous about my own clumsiness or distracted early-morning drivers. So I treadmill it if it's dark, too. :)

  2. I love runs outside!!!!
    Whoo hooo!!!
    That salad looks amazingggggg!!!! :)

  3. I've been loving the almost-fall weather too lately!! Hooray for being back outside!!