Sunday, September 29, 2013

Celebrating Two Lives

I was up nice and early this morning to get my run done. I was really hoping to go outside, but I was greeted with this.

It's was exceptionally windy as well. It's our first true storm of the season, which made me want to crawl into bed with Netflix and some tea, but I made it to the gym.

The run actually went by pretty fast. I couldn't believe it when an hour hit! My ritual after running so long is to sit on the floor in the middle of the gym for an inappropriate amount of time pretending to stretch.

I had to hurry to shower and get fancy because today my sister and I threw my best friend a baby shower. Everyone in my life is having a baby girl and she is due at the very beginning of November. Zoƫ helped out a lot by being adorable.

It was a potluck and the spread was awesome! One woman even made a baby out of a watermelon.

We played the usual games, like guess the candy in the diaper. My mom obviously loved this game.

We also played guess how far around her belly is with ribbon. My mom was super close, but another person was just a little bit closer. One woman's guess was about 2 feet off....

Of course there was the gift opening.

But there was a surprise at the end of the gift session. Today is also her 26th birthday, so we had a cake and candles for her to blow out to celebrate her life, since she's pretty important too.

We didn't forget to get a picture with the watermelon baby, which is probably the most delicious baby ever.

And then she wanted a picture with the hostesses. We love our pictures.

After everything was cleaned up and put away, my sister and her husband stopped for an adorable photo op. This picture pretty much sums up how much I adore my family.

Now I am laying in bed like I've been wanting to all day listening to the rain. I'm about to out on Netflix and do some knitting. I'm so wild.


  1. I love the baby in the watermelon!! My stepmom saw that idea last year and was like we have to remember this someday! haha!!!
    Babies are adorable!

  2. The baby watermelon! haha! Netflix and knitting sounds like a great night to me! Awesome job on the run. 10 miles on a treadmill! Our treadmills at the gym only go for 60 minutes then you have to start over. I hate it because I like seeing the big number at the end!