Sunday, September 15, 2013

I Actually Went Outside

Saturday I woke up to Fall weather.  Fall is my very favorite season.  For some reason, it just feels like home to me.  I think it's the cool crisp air and the fact that we get to start having fires in the fireplace.  I love the colors and the smells.  Since it was cool and rainy, I thought it was a perfect day to get homework done.  I exercised, ate breakfast, and read a chapter.  Then this happened.

And I just could not concentrate on homework anymore.  My sister and I ran errands and actually ended up rescuing a lost dog.  It was a good samaritan kind of afternoon.  My Saturday night was spent babysitting the adorable little boy.  He taught me how to play chess.  He's so smart.  I also spent a lot of time Snapchatting instead of doing homework.

Today when I woke up, it was summer again.  A breezy 70 degrees.  Our weather needs to make up its mind.  We are back to Sunday brunch with the boyfriend's mom, which I have missed greatly.

On my way home, all I could think about was a nice long run outside.  I know that my summer days are dwindling and I need to take advantage of them.  So, I got out my portable hydration station, drove to my dad's, and took off.  I felt really great until mile 7, when I started to slow down.  I thought I was going to run back to my dad's house, but the way back is entirely uphill.  I started up and said, "I don't think so," and ran to Safeway where I had the boyfriend pick me up.  The entire run was fantastic.  The breeze was just perfect and protected me from being too hot.  I tried so hard to go slow and keep my miles over 8 minutes because all of my races have had me in the 8:25-8:30 range.  Well, when I looked at my Garmin, this is what happened.

I seriously need to work on my long SLOW run.  It felt really easy for most of it.  Probably because it was downhill most of the time.  I cooled down by walking around Safeway.  It's completely acceptable to wander around public places pouring sweat everywhere you go, right?

The reason I was at Safeway was because my sister and I decided we were going to continue Sunday Family Dinner Night even though our parents are in Las Vegas for the week.  Boyfriend and I made fresh salmon, chicken, beets and zucchini from the garden, salad, and quinoa.

We also made sure to take a picture for the parents..

And no family dinner is complete without 90 pounds of whipped cream fruit salad.

It was a fantastic Sunday.  

PS-  I have to say a HUGE congratulations to my blogging bestie, Heather, who just completed her second half marathon today!!!  You ROCK!

How were your runs this weekend?  


  1. YOU ROCK!!! Love ya girl!!!! :)
    I want to cuddle up with a precious newborn.... I am sure that will happen soon ;-)

    Congrats on your run! I love that it is so easy to run a 7 min mile! I'm hoping that pretty soon it will feel like that for me when I try to get my time down to 8-9 min. Some 9 min/miles are still very hard for me! Practice, practice, practice :)

    Have a great Monday love!!!

  2. It took me, get my long runs appropriately slow. I used to set my watch to yell at me if I went too fast, but I don't think my new watch will do that. Maybe you need a slower friend to run with.:) Looks like a pretty nice weekend; I hope it helped shake the funk you were in. :)

  3. I can't wait for fall. We're getting some of it here, and I've been able to run outside again, but it's not cooling down fast enough for me!

    I love a long, slow run. I try to take it SUPER slow in the beginning so I can finish strong, but sometimes I'm just SO HAPPY to be out there, my legs run away from me!