Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Is It Really September?

The way these months are flying by gives me hope that the school year will fly by.  Not that I am wishing away my life, it's just I feel so tired all of the time now.  It's the constant voice in my head telling me I should be doing something school related when I am doing something to avoid school related.  Anyway, September is a big month with the beginning of the school year, it starting to feel like fall (my favorite season), and everyone in boyfriend's family having a birthday.  Each weekend is already filling up with activities and festivities, which is always a good thing.

Tuesday, I was back at the gym bright and early.  I am already making new gym best friends.  There is one woman who I am in awe of.  She is there every day before me running on the treadmill and is still there after I am showered and heading out the doors, still running!  This has been consistent.  She's amazing.  Then there is the old man who wears his shorts too short.  And the two men who look as though they might not be friends outside of the gym, but lift together every day.  And my best friend's parents.  I love this crowd.

I ran a few miles.  I am loving getting it done before the sun comes up.

Then, of course, I lifted.  Tuesdays are chest/tricep day, so I hit the bench press.  I am literally the only woman lifting that early in the morning, but that's fine by me.  More room to take random pictures of myself to prove I was at the gym

I am loving being back in "my" classroom.  I am definitely asking more questions from the teacher, but I just feel so comfortable and at home.  After work, I had to rush to class.  The rest of my Tuesday looked like this.

I am loving my classes.  They keep me engaged and I am actually doing the reading.  My goal for this year is to stay on top of the homework, and so far (only one and a half weeks in) I have done it!  I am already ahead on homework, actually.

Today, I decided to run outside for a second time this week.  I was really looking forward to the run just because it was so beautiful outside.  By beautiful, I mean we are having an abnormal warm streak.  It's been almost 70 degrees every day for the last two weeks.  That's hot for the redwoods.  I ended up laying in my driveway for a good 15 minutes, before heading inside to do a 30 minute HIIT routine.

The rest of my evening was spent doing homework and then avoiding doing homework.  I am excited it's September because that means the return of scarves, boots, applesauce from apples off of our tree and all things pumpkin!


  1. Ah, the start of school. I'm glad I'm 5 weeks in! I'm finally back in the routine and not as tired. Remember to take rest days as you adjust to the schedule.

    I did weights yesterday and thought of you :o)

    1. Five weeks!?! Holy cow! Good job doing weights!!! That will really help with your marathon training.

  2. This is my seventh year teaching, and I still feel guilty not doing school things when I think I should (coughrightnowcough). But it's all about balance, and I have to remind myself that no matter how much work is piled up, I have to take time away from it or I'll go nuts! So don't let it make you too stressed out. :)

    1. We all need to remember to take time for ourselves. One of my friends in class with me told me her mentor teacher stays at school until 9:30 each night to get ready for the next day!!! Good teachers do everything they can to make sure their students succeed. I am willing to bet you are an awesomely good teacher.

  3. I am pretty excited about fall too!!
    I love working out in the morning! It starts my day off just right! :)