Monday, September 2, 2013

Snippets Of My Labor Day Weekend

This weekend was wonderful, but I am sure you don't want to read every little detail of each day, so I won't bore you with those.  I would gladly write every single little detail because I am in serious homework avoidance mode and it's only the beginning of the second week.  This is going to be a long year.

Friday evening was spent with my beautiful friend who I had not seen in two very long months.  She had gone home to LA for the summer.  It is so good to have her back.

I was extremely tired from the week, so I just laid on the couch with her and Moe while the boys played Mario Kart.  Boys will never grow up.

Saturday was extra exciting.  I did homework.  Exercised for an hour and a half to avoid homework.  Then did homework again.

Boyfriend finally got off work (again!  He doesn't usually work Saturdays) and we were hanging around waiting to go to dinner.  We looked all over for Moe, and finally found him in his new favorite sleeping spot, inside the pillowcase.

I got rewarded for doing homework all day by going to eat at the new Vietnamese restaurant.  Now, I hope you are sitting down because what you see will shock you.  I did not order Pho.  I strayed.  I'm a cheater.

Then boyfriend and I went to our friend's CD release party where we danced for hours.  My favorite form of cardio.

Sunday, I forced myself out of bed for my long run.  I told myself I only had to go 5 miles.  I opted for the treadmill again (after hours of debate in my head the night before about running outside) because I truly am scared of getting hit by a car.  Well, I set my pace pretty slow for the first couple of miles, then ramped it up by the end.

I seriously could not believe I went 9 miles.  

We had plans to go to The Orchard for the night.  I decided to be incredibly fashionable.  Please notice the binder and books.  I pretend to be am a good student.  

Boyfriend told me that the hood with sunglasses should never happen.  It's probably a good thing he already loves me.  I didn't get any pictures at the river, but I did snap this on the way there.

After soaking up the sun completely off the grid for 24 hours, I got home and immediately stuffed my face with food jumped into my workout clothes for a run.

After the run and lifting, I went to my dad's for a belated family dinner.  Our Sunday dinners seem to be moving to Mondays.  I forgot my phone, so you don't get to see a picture of the delicious tuna my dad seared for us.  I know you had spent all weekend hoping to see that.  

Now I am in bed ready to sleep.  Tomorrow is another very long day.  But I do get kind of excited to be at the gym early in the morning.

How was your Labor Day?

When was the last time you branched out and didn't order your usual meal?


  1. I always order the same thing at places! I try to get josh to order something different so I can try something new but he doesn't go for that either. Live music is the best ever. AAAND awesome run! Looks like a great weekend!

  2. What a fun weekend!
    Don't tell anyone but I secretly miss doing lesson plans and units for school! That was the best homework! I know some day very soon I will have my own classroom and will be doing them :)
    Yay for 9 miles! You rock girl!!!! :)