Tuesday, February 26, 2013


So the last blog post I had written on Wednesday of last week but never got published for some reason. I still felt the need to publish it because it is SO beautiful there.  Like, amazingly beautiful.  Whenever I come home, however, I always remember that I also live in a place of beauty.  I almost wish I didn't grow up with the redwoods so that I could know what it feels like to see them for the very first time.  To me, they are just trees, but to people who haven't ever seen them in real life, they are a thing of magnificence.  And I can't even imagine living in a landlocked state, never having seen the ocean.

The rest of the trip was awesome.  Boy FINALLY got off work Wednesday morning and rolled into town around 1am on Thursday.  That was the longest we have gone without seeing each other since we began dating almost 10 months ago.  So, we stayed up talking for a couple of hours and just hung out loving each other.  I finally fell asleep at 3am.  The next morning we had to be in Bellingham at 10 for the bachelorette breakfast which is an hour drive from where we were staying.  So, needless to say, I did not find time for a run in the morning.  We had a delicious breakfast at this cute little local cafe and then moved onto the manicurist.  I got my very second manicure (I was going to say first, but I forgot that I had gotten them done for 8th grade graduation) and did squats and pushups in the bathroom.  Then the boys came and got me and we went to my very favorite clothing thrift store where we got the boys some dress shoes and I got myself a pair of boots.  Then we went to the venue where they were setting up for the wedding the next day but ended up getting sent off to run errands for his sister (like picking up her wedding dress).  We finished the night off with the rehearsal dinner which was held at the couple's close friend's house and was pulled pork and salad.  So, so delicious.  We drove the hour back home and I was out like a light in 10 seconds flat.  Boy went downstairs to hang with his brother in law and sister and babies and thought I was going to follow him.  Little did he know that I was fast asleep.

He's seriously the most adorable baby ever.

Hanging with the three year old, waiting for the boy to arrive (Uncle Bean).

Figuring out how to fit him in my suitcase to take home.

The ladies getting pedicures.

My finished product.

This is how I try on clothes.

Running errands.  Terrified that I was in charge of the wedding dress.

The next day, boy and I spent a leisurely morning with the kids and his brother-in-law.  I did some body weight exercises and stretched.  Then I took a shower and got ready for the wedding.  I found a hair style on pintrest that I really liked and tried to recreate it.  I actually didn't do too poorly.  I had gotten my hair cut on Wednesday, so I had some extra layers I wasn't used to working with.  Then, we all piled into the car and drove the hour back to Bellingham where the wedding was.  We helped watch the kids and finish setting up the venue until the wedding started.  It was one of the best weddings I've ever been to.  Boy's sister reminds me SO much of my older sister, like to the point where I will begin to joke with her in a way that I would joke with my sister and then remember that she's not my sister.  She is also one of the most beautiful people I have ever seen.  She and her new husband are so stunning, it's hard to look at them.  Not to mention that their hearts are just so pure and kind.  Their friends are amazing too.  We danced for about 3 hours.  We danced so much that my legs were sore the next day.  That was my fitness for the day.

Uncle Bean surrounded by nephews, teaching them about technology.

Dressed all fancy, in navy blue.

The ring bearer practicing his speech.

Even Blueberry had a tie!

Love, love, love this baby.

The most beautiful couple in the world.

Our photo booth pictures.

The first dance.

Mother-in-law/father-in-law dance.

On the dance floor.

Brother and sister dance.

Perfecting our duck face.

Saturday morning was the morning after brunch at the same friend's house.  We were all exhausted from the night before and the rest of the wedding party was getting reading to head up to Whistler to ski and snowboard as an after party.  We couldn't go because I had to be back to work on Monday and boy had to go back to work today.  So, we said our goodbyes and then headed to a late lunch with boy's other sister, the kids, and his brother-in-law's family.  I adore boy's family.  They are so caring and hilarious and have accepted me into their family as one of their own.  I appreciate that so much.  We headed back to my favorite thrift store where I got three pairs of $200 jeans for only $45 and a sweatshirt.  I'd say I had some good luck.  Then, we headed to coffee with one of my brother's friends who lives in Bellingham.  She is super sweet and I would have felt awful if I hadn't made time to meet up with her since we were so close.

After coffee, we made our way to some of boy's family friends who have a place on Waldron right next to his.  They are known for throwing the best parties.  The dad asked me what I wanted to drink and when I told him water he stared at me dumbfounded and said, "WATER?! WATER?! Okay, you can have ONE glass of water, then it's alcohol."  We had an awesome dinner of steak, sausage, and cheeses, then he turned on the music really loudly in the living room and we danced for an hour, again. Boy and I had picked up a dance move at the wedding the day before, so we worked on perfecting that (which is basically just squatting over and over and I can't do it for more than 20 seconds).  I also tried to learn how to do the worm, which is way harder than it looks.

Boy and his mom dancing in the living room.

No water allowed in this house.


He fits inside his duffle bag.

Sunday, we had to eventually start our trek home.  We listened to about 9 hours of podcasts and stopped at Trader Joe's for dinner.  At every rest stop, I did 25 squats, 20 lunges, and about 45 seconds of cardio.  Being cooped up in a car all day really hurts.  At the last gas stop in the middle of nowhere tucked in the redwoods late at night, I was doing sprints across the parking lot to get my heart rate up and my blood flowing so that I didn't go nuts.

It was so, so great being back at work yesterday and back into my routine.  I couldn't wait to get home and start lifting heavy metal again.  I did shoulders and added tabatas to the end of my workout.  I am so sore today that I can hardly walk.  Tabatas are awesome.  Then, my mom, boy, and I went to the store where I spent WAY too much money on produce.  Never go shopping after a workout.  But now there are tons and tons of veggies in my fridge for me to snack on.  Dinner was a collaborative effort between the boy and me.  I made some chicken soup and salad.  Just what I needed on the cold day.

Yesterday's workout.

Chicken soup.

Today was much the same.  Since it's Tuesday, I went and worked out with my cousin and her friend.  We did our usual circuit routine which killed me because my legs were already sore.  It feels SO good to be lifting again.  I know my body needed a rest, but it's not going to be getting one for a long while now.  I came home, cooked dinner, and decided I was WAY past due for a blog.

Tonight's dinner.  Turkey breast, salad, and roasted veggies.

Tomorrow is the child that I technically one-on-one for's last day.  This is bittersweet.  He has been in the class, obviously. since I started.  He was the reason I got hired on as a regular aide to begin with.  His sense of humor is also so awesome and I enjoy joking around with him.  I will miss him, but he was going to be moving on next year anyway.  Change is inevitable, and I've got to get used to it.

Speaking of change, while I was doing my hair, I had to use a hand held mirror to see the back of my head.  I was wearing a tank top and noticed that I could see my shoulder blades sticking out.  I've never been able to see my shoulder blades!  Then I flexed and I have quite a good amount of muscle back there.  I was dumbfounded.  Since I have to live with myself and see myself in the mirror everyday, I focus on the aspects I don't like, that probably no one but myself sees.  I am constantly degrading myself and this is not good.  So, when I saw that in the mirror, I was so excited I called boy in to look at my flexed back.  All he said was, "I told you."  Then, at the wedding, someone who hadn't seen me since August asked how much weight I had lost since summer.  I said I don't think that I have lost any and he said, "Well, you look like you have lost a significant amount."  That was another ego booster.  It just proved to me that my body is changing, not as fast as I would like, but it is, and I need to begin treating it with more love.

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