Monday, February 18, 2013


Goodness, my life has been a whirlwind since I last blogged.  Wednesday was totally normal.  Went to my gym class, made dinner, hung out and knitted while watching TV shows.

Run before circuit.

Our card workout.  Not fun, but wonderful at the same time.

Wednesday night dinner.

Thursday was a normal day, except that it was Valentine's Day.  I absolutely despise it.  I totally forgot it was Valentine's Day and invited the ex to go see a play that my good friend was in and then I realized it was Valentine's day which was super weird, but that's okay.  Boy was working until Friday.  Boy got me a Kettlebell which hasn't shipped yet, but is the best present ever.  I only have one 15 pound one, which is getting way too light.  So he's the best.  Oh, I also ran 7.5 miles, so that was great.

Dad sent me this text.  It was so sweet!

I cannot force myself to run this far outside by myself.

Wearing pink for my Vday run.

The text from the boy.

Thursday night dinner.

Friday is when my whirlwind began.  I got up at 5am to workout because the boy's mom and I were supposed to be leaving for Washington at 5pm and I get home from work around 2:30, so I was only going to have a few short hours with the boy before I got whisked off for 5 days without him.  So, I got my workout out of the way, knowing I was going to be in a car for 12 hours.  Then I worked and met the boy at Target so that we could go to the university for me to put the final touches on my application.  I ACTUALLY TURNED IT IN!  I am so, so excited to begin this new chapter in my life.  Then the boy and I went to Mongolian BBQ for a belated Valentine's day dinner.  We got home and it turned out that his mom had a doctor's appointment and didn't get to me until 7:45, which was great because boy and I had more time to cuddle and hang out before I had to take off.  She got me and we began the long trek up north to Washington.

It's still dark and I'm almost done.

Our dinner.

Cuddle times.

I got about 2 hours of sleep in the car from 12-2am and was awake from 2am until 9pm Saturday.  I was dead.  We finally rolled into Tacoma around 6:30am and Yelped a place for breakfast.  The place we found was absolutely delicious and it was so good to have some coffee and protein after sitting in a car for hours and hours.  



Then we went to the airport to pick up the bride to be (boy's sister) and headed to his other sister's house to relax and visit with their family.  Their two boys are the cutest!  I adore them.  I chased after the 3 year old for about 25 minutes, picking him up and tossing him over my shoulder.  I also did 20 squats each time I went to the bathroom and I stretched.  It was my first real rest day in a very, very long time.  We ate dinner and ended up watching this adorable pirate movie before I passed out at 9 and slept until 8 this morning, solid sleep.  

Playing "Surprise!"

I'm going to bring him home with me.

Took this picture to send to his uncle.

This morning after a leisurely breakfast, boy's sister asked if I wanted to go for a run with her, so I jumped at the chance.  The other sister lives at the top of a very steep hill that we ran down and into town.  We ended up doing 4 miles and then walked (more like hiked) back up the almost half a mile hill.  It was so nice.  The crisp mountain air was so much easier to breathe than at home and the views were absolutely spectacular.  

This was my run.

So, so gorgeous.  

Then we went and ran a few wedding errands and went shopping at the local co-op.  Afterward, we dropped our stuff off at the house we are staying at for the rest of the week and took off to her future father-in-law's house for dinner where we had an amazing spread of smoked salmon, salad, carrots, broccoli, sweet potatoes, and artichokes.  It was amazing.  He smoked the salmon in his smoker and it was perfect.  I was in food heaven.  During dinner he noticed that I was wearing an opal ring and I told him how much I LOVE opals.  He told me he used to make jewelry with opals and gold and silver and proceeded to bring them out of the closet.  He had so many big pieces of beautiful opal he picked up in Australia.  I was so excited.  I am a tiny bit obsessed with it.  He then showed me his gorgeous stuff and I drooled.  As he started putting it away he put the box in front of me and told me to pick one.  I thought he was joking.  He wasn't.  So, I got this amazing dinner and a beautiful (expensive) necklace and earrings.  It was pretty much one of the best dinners EVER.

This doesn't really show the beauty of the opal.

Then, we came back and sat in the hot tub and gossiped.  Then, I FINALLY got out my computer and connected to some wifi and decided to blog.  Now it is late (and technically Monday).  Boy comes in on Wednesday.  I can't wait.  I miss him so much and I wish he were experiencing the things I've been experiencing.    It will be good to have him with me in a few days.  It feels so far away, though.

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