Tuesday, February 26, 2013


It is absolutely beautiful here. Cold, but beautiful. I love the mountains so much.

It's still be a whirlwind trip, complete with very little sleep and a lot of picking up a three year old and swinging him around. I have made time to go running almost every morning. There was only one day I didn't run and I found a 35 lb weight and began doing squats and lunges and a few sets of rows. I also did 100 push-ups. I think my body needed a rest week. I've been feeling really good and well rested for my runs even though I'm not well rested. I also have been SO hungry which means my muscles are probably needing nutrients because they finally have a break to repair themselves.

Back to Washington being beautiful. I am staying at boy's sister's house way out in the middle of nowhere, which makes for beautiful views. It hasn't been super, duper cold, which is nice too.

I'm on my phone, so I will leave you with beautiful pictures of this beautiful state.

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