Friday, February 1, 2013

'Twas The Night Before Race Day

And all through the house, not a creature was stirring, except for the dogs.  Seriously.  No one is home. I guess that is normal for a Friday night, but not around here.

Tomorrow is race day already!  I feel as though I just signed up for it and it's already here!  Yesterday my muscles were so sore from my previous two workouts, so I decided to go for one last short run before the big day.  I am so strangely nervous.  There is nothing to be nervous about except not finishing, and I know that will never happen.  It's so much more mind over body.  If you tell yourself you're not tired and you will finish, you will finish.  That's how I felt yesterday.  I told myself I would do 4 miles, and I did.  And I finished it in record time.  Eight minute miles aren't bad.  The race starts at 8 and is about 45 minutes away, so I've got to be out of the house by 7.  An early night for me tonight.

Yesterday after my run.  It was beautiful outside.

Yesterday, I had just sat down to work on my application essay when my step mom texted me to ask if I wanted to go see a house that looks interesting.  My step sister and her boyfriend are planning on moving home so they are looking for a place.  This place is a duplex and they would live upstairs while my brother, the boy and I would live downstairs.  It's actually quite cute.  The scary thing is, though, that I may not have a job next year as I am student teaching.  I am terrified about money and right now I am living rent-free, which is a HUGE financial help.  I'm already a pretty big tightwad, only spending money on necessities, like food.  I was looking through pictures at work today from the past 5 years and I am still wearing the exact same outfits!  I'm too cheap for new clothing.

So then I raced home to make dinner.  I decided on cheap and easy for Thursday.  Kale, apples, and eggs.  It was super easy and really delicious.  


Then, I rushed off again to meet boy's mom at Sip-N-Knit.  And thank goodness she's a knitting genius.  She fixed my knitting and told me what I was doing wrong.  I met some really awesome women last night.  They are all so accepting and funny.  I really enjoy going on Thursdays.  It gets me out of my cave.

Our knitting bags.

Today, my cousin came over to workout because we had cancelled on Tuesday.  We always have pretty darn good workouts.  We really motivate each other and kick each other's butts.  She wanted me to take it easy today, though, because of my run in the morning.  So we did back, biceps, and some leg and ab moves.  She wouldn't let me go too heavy on the legs and we took a longer time stretching today than we usually do.

Cousin doing weighted V sit ups.

Our workout today.

Boy came home from work today with new glasses.  They look extremely good on him.  I really like men with glasses, so this just ups his attractiveness to me.  

Nerdy boyfriend.

We went shopping at Target and I got some hot pink running tights for tomorrow.  No car is going to hit me!  I also got some running gloves as it is supposed to be 38 degrees at 8am and the worst part is my hands being absolutely freezing.  It's almost all I can think about when I'm cold.  We had a nice dinner at Pho and then he had to race off to Jiu Jitsu with his brother.  I went to the store to stock up on some bananas and other such stuff for tomorrow.  I came home, ate my chocolate, and packed my bag. I feel like it's the first day of school or something.  I have all of my clothes laid out and my extra change of clothes (we have to cross a river) in my bag all ready to go.  This is my first big race.  I did a mud run a year ago, back when I hadn't run more than two miles in several months.  It was about 90 degrees and I had thrown out my back somehow and was in excruciating pain, but I made it through the mud and the challenges.  So, I think I will be just fine tomorrow.  Especially with my amazing running partner next to me.

Messing around with the glasses at dinner.

It's off to knit and wait for the boy to come home to cuddle me to sleep before I wake up super early on a Saturday to kick my own behind.

A bonus picture of Moe laying in the sun today.

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