Sunday, February 3, 2013

Race Day and the Super Bowl

Well, Race Day came as fast as it went.  Yesterday started really, really early.  Actually, it started just as early as every other day I wake up, but it was a Saturday, so it felt that much earlier.  I left my house at 6:50 to make it to meet Dani at 7:15 so we could make the bus to the starting line by 7:30.

At our meeting place, the sun rising.

Once we got to the starting line, my nerves kind of calmed down and I realized that it's just a silly race and all I wanted to do was finish without walking.  The first three miles were mostly hills.  So.  Many.  Hills.  Now, we had been training with some hills and inclines, but not like what we came upon in those first three miles.  The last 5 3/4 miles had some hills, but by the last one, my legs burned like they're never burned before.  If it hadn't been for my beautiful partner booking it up the hill next to me, I would have stopped and walked.

My pink tights.

When we got to the river crossing, we just went for it.  No ropes, no taking off our shoes.  I didn't even feel the water.  I thank the lovely pink running tights I had purchased the night before.  My feet felt so, so heavy for approximately a half a mile and my hip felt like it was falling out.  Dani ended up running about 30 seconds ahead of me because I needed to slow down my pace or risk walking.  I sprinted up to her to run the last tiny bit next to her, but when we got to the finish line, it was really soft sand.  I told her to go on without me and she crossed about 30 seconds before me.  She is so awesome.  I am so thankful she has come into my life.  She has pushed me through so many hard, horrible workouts that I would never have completed by myself.  I've decided that I want to sign up for the 10 miler in March

So incredibly grateful for her.

The rest of the day was spent eating.  I swear I ate about 7 bazillion calories.  But I felt like I earned every single one.  Boy and I went grocery shopping and then to his mom's house for dinner since today he had to go back to work.  I feel like he just got off (because he did), but he will have 7 days off when he's done on Tuesday evening.  We had delicious salmon burgers and salad.  Then his mom helped me to finally finish my hat!  She's amazing.

My grocery cart.

His grandma found this gem her camera and printed it out for us...

I love Olive so much.

My finished hat!

This morning I told myself I would sleep in as long as I want and then spend the day on my behind.  Well, as long as I wanted ended up being 9am and sitting on my behind didn't happen.  I didn't feel sore or awful like I thought I would.  So, I loaded up an Insanity video and worked out for 45 minutes.  I knew the day would be spent eating and eating and eating yet again, so I had to do something physical. Plus my 365 day goal will not be broken this early in the year.  I chose one of the easier ones (upper body weight training) so that I could give my foot and legs a rest.  The only thing that is hurting is my foot.  I think I injured it on a previous run and to keep running on it was a bad idea.  Oh well.  

Sean T. and I don't get along.

I showered, ate breakfast, and headed to my dad's where I proceeded to work on my newest knitting project.  I have spent about 3 hours on it, ripping it out twice because I don't know what I'm doing without boy's mom.  I'm afraid I'm doing something wrong, but I will see her Thursday and she will fix things I did wrong.  She's magical.  I also stuffed myself on carrots, celery, fruit, (gluten free) chicken wings, and chili.  I guess I could have done worse, but I've eaten so much this weekend.  I can't wait to get back to my high protein diet tomorrow.  I also worked on (and finished) my letter of intent for my application.  Now, I just need two more letters of recommendation and I can turn it in.  This is way farther than I got last year, so I'm pretty excited.  Of course, I took breaks to watch the commercials out of the corner of my eye.  

Moe and I not really caring about the game.

My knitting that I'm not sure is going well.

Now, I am going to go home and cuddle up in my blankets and hopefully fall asleep early.  I haven't slept much this weekend, again, but who needs sleep, really?

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