Sunday, March 3, 2013


Where have these weeks gone?  It has been an entire month since my 8 3/4 mile run already!  I can still feel the pain like it was yesterday.  Our 10 mile race is a week from today!  And it's March?  Which means Spring is almost here which means summer is almost here.  I look back and wonder what happened to winter?  I guess I spent a lot of it keeping busy, which is why it has totally passed by before my eyes.

This week was hard.  As I mentioned in my last post, the kid that I technically one-on-one for left on Wednesday.  He has been a part of my life for 5 years and he was the reason I even have the job I love so much.  I'm not good with goodbyes, and knowing what this child is going through breaks my heart even more.  And on top of the emotions of saying goodbye to a child that is dear to my heart, I found out that I will be getting laid off.  No child, no more job.  It's a 60-day lay off notice from the time that I get the letter.  I haven't gotten it yet, but am expecting to some time this week.  That will take me into May.  I've got to get through the middle of June.  I knew the position would be going away which is why I chose to go back to school at the end of this school year as opposed to last year.  But I thought I would at least work until the end of the year.  The thought of saying goodbye so soon is really, really sad.  Everything happens for a reason and I know that everything will work out the way it's supposed to.  I went to the gym after this emotionally draining day and ended up running 4 miles and then completing a Tabata workout in circuit.  I couldn't have asked for a better workout to the end of a pretty crappy day.  I am so glad I have exercise to turn to when I'm feeling down, it always changes my mood to a more positive one.

Treadmill workout.

Cooking delicious, healthy food also makes me happy.

In happier news, Milo turned 6 on Thursday.  I cannot believe how fast time goes.  And how much can change in 6 years.  I was puppy crazy back in 2007 when I was in Santa Barbara.  I had crazy amounts of puppy envy and I kept begging the ex to get me a dog.  We were already planning on moving in together when I moved home, so the next thing was a dog.  We searched and searched for a type of dog we wanted and we both decided we LOVED my roommate's beagle.  So, we searched the internet for beagles and we found a little one in Oklahoma named Racy.  We picked Racy up from the airport and immediately changed his name to Milo.  And he's been my baby ever since.  I love this dog more than I love most things in the world.  He has such a personality, it kills me.  He loves anything food.  And he's so smart.  He knows several tricks, but will do all of them at once when the treats come out.  We share him, now that we are broken up.  At first, it was incredibly hard not to see him every day, but now it almost feels like a nice little break from him and my love for him grows each time he comes home.  Thursday, after work, I went to my dad's to run.  It was not good weather and I am not a strong enough person to run by myself in the rain.  I seriously admire my running friend for that.  I ended up running for over an hour because I got sucked into stupid TV.  Then I came home and cooked a delicious dinner of Coconut Lime Chicken and stir fried veggies.

So tired after this.

So delicious.

Friday, boy got off work and I asked him to workout with me when I got home.  I was so not feeling working out.  I had hit it pretty hard this week because the week before I had done close to nothing.  I was tired and emotionally drained.  Not to mention that day was Dr. Seuss' birthday and we had this big event that took a lot of energy.  I wanted to lay down.  But, having him there working out next to me really helped.  I got done and we got ready to go; him to jiu jitsu, me to my beautiful friend's house for a clothing exchange.  I LOVE clothing exchanges.  A few months ago I had purged my closet and dresser but hadn't gotten around to taking the bags to a thrift store.  This came in handy when she invited me over.  There was a massive pile of clothing in the middle of the floor.  I came away with so many fun new clothes (a lot of new dresses!) and got to spend some time with some fantastic people.  We ended up going to eat dinner at 10pm, which is way later than I'm used to.  I felt like a young person!  It was a great Friday night.

Milo is getting into lifting too...

Wearing new clothes!

Saturday I was up early for a class at the gym.  I love working out in the morning on the weekends so that I have the rest of my day to do anything else.  It wasn't a very high intensity workout, which is exactly what I needed.  It was hard, and I am sore today, but it wasn't fast paced and I felt like I exerted a little less energy than usual.  We ran 2 miles afterward, just to keep our muscles loose.  I came home and the boy and I cuddled and watched a movie.  Then I decided it's probably about time to begin studying for my big test that is in three weeks.  I'm so nervous for it, but there's only so much I can shove into my brain that I don't already know.  So I got out my book and studied for about an hour.  It felt just like riding a bike.  I thought I would have forgotten how to study, but it just came naturally.  Then boy and I headed out to a coworker's birthday party with some fruit salad in hand.  We hung out for much longer than we had anticipated and ate some delicious food.  It was really fun.  I so adore the people I work with and now boy understands why I am so upset to be leaving this classroom.

This morning I was up early again for our weekly long run.  We haven't gone for a long run in 2 weeks because we've both been out of town.  We ended up running 7 miles, down to the boardwalk and back.  The back part was hard because it was a slight incline.  I can always feel the incline in my right hip flexor.  It hurt for the last mile.  But I always feel so accomplished after running with her.  She pushes me to be better and to keep going.  I adore her.  

Hip flexor hurts!

Then boy and I met up with a good friend (who's mom's birthday party was the night before) for brunch.  This girl is constantly keeping me laughing and her boyfriend is pretty awesome too.  We ate yummy breakfast and drank too much coffee and probably stayed at the table for way too long.  But it was good to catch up.  When we got home, boy and I took the dogs for a little walk because Milo was begging for one and he hasn't gone on one in awhile.  We took the long board and had a slow, leisurely walk around the neighborhood.  

The boy's breakfast came on two plates.

Nom nom nom!

Getting fancy.

Catching a ride from Milo.

Then I came home, laid in bed and studied for 2 hours.  I don't think I got anywhere, but at least it felt like I was doing something productive.  And I was laying in bed, so that was nice.  I've been in bed ever since.  I feel like this might be where I am until I head to my dad's for dinner.  It was a quick weekend full of exercise and fun.

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