Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Weeks Go Too Fast

It's Thursday night already!  I simply cannot believe it.  I also can't believe it's almost Spring!  That means all of the delicious fruits and veggies are going to start becoming available again.  I have been on such a veggie kick.  It's basically all I want to eat.  I make salad every night and load up on the vegetables.  There are literally more vegetables than lettuce.

Monday I got my letter that I'd been dreading getting.  My job ends on May 2nd.  It's not the end of the world and I am trying my hardest to look at it in a positive light.  I knew my job would be ending which is why I chose to go back to school.  It's just ending a little sooner than I had hoped.  I will be put back on the sub list at the very worst for a month.  Then I will work summer school and then who knows how I will make money while I get my credential.  Apparently my administrator told my boss that I was taking it really well.  I don't know how else I am supposed to take it?  I hope it's making a good impression, though.  I haven't even cried.  I simply feel sad because I LOVE my job.  Absolutely adore it.  The people I work with make everything so great and we are constantly laughing.

Monday's dinner was Paleo Chicken Fried "Rice."  Yummmmy!

Tuesday was a normal day.  I did decide, however, since my cousin had a dental appointment, to go to the gym to use some equipment that I don't have available to me at my house (namely, the squat rack).  I did some heavy squats and deadlifts before moving on to my chest/tricep workout.  It was nice to have an actual bench press at my disposal.  I ended up being the ONLY lady lifting.  It was just me and several guys.  The ladies were on the treadmills and ellipticals.  I felt a little awkward, but also a little bit proud of myself for being in a situation that was uncomfortable and working through it.

There's something awesome about being able to lift yourself up off the ground.

Feeling a little bit weird.

Studying for my test, found this very cool pencil.

The internet hates me and gives me insults when all I want to do is take practice tests!

Wednesday I came home from work and decided to use my hour and a half of awkward time before going to the gym to study for my test.  I had tried to study the night before after exercise, after cooking dinner, and just got frustrated and felt stupid.  So, I had a snack and dove in.  Then I pumped out 4.5 miles at the gym and completed circuit before heading to my amazing friend's house.  She has always offered to cook me Filipino food, but we have always ended up doing other things while we are together.  So, I went over and we had an impromptu little girl's night where we ate yummy soup and watched Sex and the City and gossiped about boys.  I love her so very much.  It's her birthday Saturday and her wonderful little sister is coming into town.  We are planning on having a sushi party and going out.  This is going to be a test of willpower because I need to get a good night sleep as my race is Sunday afternoon AND we have to change the clocks!  But I am so excited that I get to see her a third time this week.

Ran 4.5 miles before circuit Wednesday.

Gorgeous rainbow while driving to my friend's house after working out.

My very beautiful lady friend cooking for me in the kitchen.  

Filipino food.  Good for the soul.

Moe just being adorable.

In other news, someone posted a picture from the wedding that absolutely floored me.  I feel frustrated a lot because I feel like I am doing everything right, but absolutely nothing is changing on my body.  I just see the flawed aspects as opposed to looking at the good.  I KNOW my body is changing (I fit into a size 5 now, down from an 8) but I literally feel like I look exactly the same.  When this picture popped up, I was stunned.  I could see the changes in myself and it motivated me to keep doing what I'm doing.  My waist looks small and my arms look toned.  I love it.  It's totally candid (I'm pretty sure I'm actually pulling up my least I wasn't picking a wedgie...).  I can't wait to see what I look like in another few months.

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