Friday, March 15, 2013

Out of the Ordinary

This week has been pretty out of the ordinary for me.  I have been super exhausted since Sunday.  I think it's a combination of not resting adequately after the run and the time change.  I've just felt super run down and unable to keep my eyes open.  Have I stopped working out and rested up?  Nope.  That's how I am.

Monday was totally normal.  Worked out at home and made dinner and fell asleep super early because I was so tired.

This is why I adore my sister.  This was our text conversation Monday.

Monday's dinner was steak salad with plenty of extra veggies.

Tuesday, since boy had gone to work, I went to the real gym where there is a squat rack and a deadlifting platform.  I really, really wanted to get some heavy squats in along with my chest and tricep workout that I do on Tuesdays, but there were so many bros hoarding the rack that I didn't get to.  It was a little upsetting.  I did run a mile and a half.  Then I met up with the ex to take our dog for a run.  I was kicked his butt for another mile and a half.  He was so far behind me and I felt like I was running super slow.  This was a nice change because usually he is the one kicking my butt in physical things.  Then we came back to my house and we made the most delicious dinner of sweet potato pizzas.  Most genius invention ever.

The beginning.

Mini pizzas for all.

Final product.

Wednesday I came home from work feeling as though I was coming down with something and really wanting a nap, but was a good girl and sat down and studied for an hour and a half before heading to the gym.  I didn't feel like I needed to get in a longer run before circuit because I had done such a long run on Sunday and had run 3 miles the day before, so I did a simple 2 miles on the treadmill before heading upstairs, only to have to go back downstairs to do a mile around the neighborhood as our warmup.  So, I did another 3 miles, bringing my weekly total miles up to 16, the most I've done in awhile.  When I got home, I showered and got into bed and was out by 9 like an old lady.

Two miles done.

Wednesday's dinner was Mexican chicken.

Thursday was another day that was out of the ordinary.  I had made plans with my lovely friend to have dinner with her Wednesday, but cancelled because I felt like crap.  So, we made plans for Thursday night dinner, which I believe is going to become a regular thing.  I did legs at the gym and actually got to use the squat rack AND the deadlift platform before some man came in and took over literally every single piece of powerlifting equipment and stood and talked on his phone for a half an hour.  I also ran another mile and a half, bringing my weekly total up to 17.5.  I am thinking about running the half marathon in May, but something about it terrifies me.  I am going to train like I will run it though, just to keep up the running.  I think it's been good for me.  

After the gym, I came home and studied for an hour before heading up to the town just north of us to make sushi and watch silly youtube videos with two of my very best friends.  My old roommate joined us who I seriously miss living with.  She was the best roommate ever and we had the greatest times together.  We are both so busy, we hardly ever see each other, so it was great to catch up.  We did a lot of laughing, as usual.  

My pretty ladies in the kitchen.

Stuffing our faces with sushi.

We also colored.

Today the boy came home from work, so I came home and we made the mistake of cuddling on the bed before I got into my workout clothes.  I passed out for a good half an hour.  I finally got the nap I'd been needing all week.  I got my butt up and into proper attire and did my entire back/bicep workout with more energy than I've had all week.  Then I studied some more.  It sounds as though I've studied a lot, but I still feel super underprepared and will be studying all weekend.  I have yet another busy weekend planned, starting with bootcamp at 9am tomorrow morning.  Then a birthday party for a friend.  Sunday is food day and I want to get a long run in there somewhere.  I will be back to work before I know it.  But only two weeks until Spring Break!  

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