Sunday, July 13, 2014

Sunday Again!

First of all, thank you so so so much for all of the caring comments on my last post. I love each and everyone of you as if you were my friends in real life. Every comment was much appreciated and made my day.

Somehow, these weeks have been going faster and faster. How are we already halfway through July?? This weekend, I went for a lovely walk along the beach with my mom.

I spent time with the love of my life, of course.

I went shopping for teacher clothing and came home with several items that probably aren't going to be used for teaching, but are really cute casual wear. 

Today, I got an early start on my long run and then went to a good friend's going away party. The babe has started wearing her hair in the most adorable pony tail, but it's even cuter when it falls out.

Family dinner was a little different. We went out to eat. I'm okay with it though because it ended with this.

The baby had her first froyo experience as well. Although it was just fruit. She loved it, of course. She takes after Aunt Rachel.

It was a really low-key weekend, which is just what I needed because I can't remember the last time I spent a weekend at home. Next weekend, I will be back on the road heading to
San Francisco and San Jose. I'm pretty excited for a number of reasons. I will leave you with one of the funnier things I read this weekend and it's so very true. All I need. ;-)

Has July flown by for you?


  1. July is flying by! I feel like I am going to wake up and it is going to be August! lol :)
    I love that saying you found - so funny!
    I hope you have a great trip next week! So funny that you are going away because Gunshow and I are going away as well!!!!! ;-)

  2. Time is flying by! Before I know it, I'll be getting ready for Back to School Shopping!

    The same thing always happens to me when I go shopping with a purpose: I end up with a bunch of stuff that's totally unrelated to the reason I went in the first place.

  3. I just realized I have like 2 weeks left of summer. WHYYYY?! lol. I guess it's time to start prepping!