Thursday, July 10, 2014

I Guess It's Time To Be Honest

As I have stated many, many times before, I like to be as honest as possible on my blog. I do this because it is way too easy on social media to only portray the good aspects of our lives. This then leads to false expectations and bad feelings about ourselves because we start comparing. We can't truly get a real glimpse into the lives of others from behind a computer screen.

Anyway. It's time to let the cat out of the bag and onto the wide world of the Internet. A couple of months ago, the boyfriend and I decided mutually to break up.

In this picture from graduation breakfast, notice we are on opposite sides of the table? 

I'm not sure if anyone has noticed a lack of me posting photos of us together or a lack of me even mentioning him. I wouldn't expect anyone to actually notice something like that. But this is a huge part of the reason I have been trying to get out more and do things that take my mind off of things.

I promise I am okay. It took a bit to process. We both talked about it and we both decided it was for the best. Without getting too much into it, what it boils down to is that he's 22 and I'm 26. He's in a very different place in his life than I am. He is a fantastic friend and we do still talk often. 

From when we were just friends.

So, there it is. The honest truth. I've been exploring myself as an individual and hanging out with many different friends. I've even made some new friends. I am really, truly happy and many people have mentioned how happy I seem. Of course, I will always have this man in my life to love me.

No questions today. Just tell me something honest!


  1. ((Hugs)) are being sent your way! Many of us have had those break ups and they can be nasty. It sounds like you and you guy are in a good place and have the best in mind for each other. :)

  2. Hopefully my text message didn't wake you up this morning! Love you :)

  3. Good for both of you for recognizing that you needed to move on. And good for you for embracing the need to get out and just be yourself. Here's a long-distance hug for you.

  4. Thanks for being so hones. Break ups are hard, even when one knows it's the right thing to do. I had one long term bf before I met Paul and after I broke up with him (note, I broke up with HIM) I called him EVERY day to hang out. lol. I didn't want to date him again, I just missed him! Finally he told me to buzz off haha. You are smart- keeping yourself busy and such. You're a smart woman, Rachel!!!!

  5. I had an inkling, based on your lack of photos/mentions of him. I'm glad it was mutual and for the best, but breakups are always hard. You're clearly taking care of yourself during the grieving process, which is key. It's so hard to make the right/grown up decisions sometimes. Thank you for sharing this!