Sunday, July 20, 2014

Another Trip and Some Favorite Pictures

This weekend, I headed down to the Bay Area once again.  This time it was a short and sweet trip.  I left Saturday morning and returned this afternoon in time to get a long run done and have dinner with my dad.  My soulmate was having her baby shower and there was no way I was going to miss it.  Of course, I couldn't cross the bridge without taking a picture of it.

Thankfully, the foggy weather in San Francisco is never an indication of how the weather further south will be.  It was sunny and perfect temperatures for an outdoor baby shower.

My mom had been at a conference in Sacramento all week and so I met her there.  We were getting stuff out of her trunk when I happened upon this gem.  I don't even want to know what my mother was really doing in Sacramento.  ;-) 

After a catered BBQ lunch, the baby shower games began.  My soul mate is the best pregnant lady ever and decided that she did not want a boring baby shower where everyone just sat around watching her open presents and licking melted candy bars out of diapers.  Instead, it was a co-ed baby shower with three kegs.  Filling baby bottles with beer was one of my jobs.

And then the men all lined up for a beer chugging contest.  The winner (who was smart and won by biting the nipple off the top of the bottle) got a basket of mini alcohol bottles and a $25 gift certificate to BevMo.  Yeah, not your typical baby shower.

Her best friend could basically run Pinterest and the entire shower was so adorable.  All of the onesies that she has received were hanging.  I found mine.  It was the first one she got and her favorite.

Of course, I couldn't leave the party without taking a picture with my biggest role model.

Apparently, this was her baby doll growing up.  I don't know about anyone else, but this would give me nightmares if I had to sleep with it.  

The baby shower was wonderful and I loved how adult-themed it was as well as being all about celebrating the new life that is about to make her way into the world.

My mom and I headed to my uncle's house for the evening.  My friend happened to also be in the Bay Area and it turned out only about 5 miles from me.  So, instead of going to bed like a responsible adult, we headed to a completely random bar in a small town down the road.  There was a live band playing and we spent the night dancing our hearts out.  It was such a good end to a fun day.  This morning, my uncle took us to breakfast and then we went to a Farmer's Market where we found some strange looking fruits.

This is some stuff I had never seen before.  I'm kind of interested in trying it.

On a completely separate note, the formal pictures from the wedding came out today.  There are some real gems in there that I wanted to share with you all.  The wedding was truly stunning and the photos just make everything look extra beautiful.  All of these pictures were taken by Muir Adams, and very talented local photographer. 

I am so lucky to live here.

The ladies.

My beautiful best friend.

The best man got to walk two ladies down the aisle.

Apparently I can't stop being a teacher and positively reinforcing good behavior.

Should've put a ring on it.

And my very favorite picture of pretty much ever:


  1. Wow, what a fun baby shower! I always secretly hate most of the games at those type of events...sorry, lol. But this one sounds fun! I have no idea what those wrinkly fruits were either!!!

  2. Looks like an awesome baby shower!!!!
    It looks like you had a fabulous weekend! I hope you had a great time dancing your heart out :)
    The wedding pictures are lovely!!!!!

  3. That baby shower looks fun and I LOVE the onesie you gave her. :)

  4. Best baby shower ever!! The only shower I've been to was very clean/cliche. I like the idea of having booze and boys at the shower!! I can't stop laughing at that creepy doll!