Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Gym Exhaustion

Sometimes I get sick of the gym.  It's true.  Usually, the gym is one of my happy places (along with the outdoors and my bed), but some days I simply can't think about going.  Luckily, I have a home gym of sorts.

Monday was one of those days.  The sun had finally come out for the first time in weeks.  It's the usual July Gloom over here.  Unfortunately, it's just a depressing fog and absolutely no rain.  Please send your summer storms this way.  We need water in a bad way.  Of course, since it was gorgeous out, I had to run.  Then I did something I rarely do.

I took my workout equipment outside.  I did a shoulder/ab circuit for about 40 minutes while Moe was helpful and laid around in the sun. It was fantastic to get outside and away from the stuffy gym.  My dad even did some working out of his own.

The endorphins and the sun put me in a good mood.  I have been exhausted the entire week due to a lack of sleep (I've been home alone and, even though I'm 26, I have this issue where I can't sleep well when I'm all by myself).  There are just some workouts that renew your love of working out and this was one of them.

Of course, it was foggy and cold again yesterday, so I was back in the gym.  I met up with my friend the squat rack and absolutely killed my legs.  I haven't had DOMS this bad in months.  I have no idea what I did differently.  I did do a few more reps of the top set of my squats (I do drop sets for my squats and bench presses usually).  Maybe that's what did me in.

Today, instead of going to the gym, I took a two hour nap.  A TWO HOUR nap!  I don't even know who I am anymore.  I just fell into bed (literally, because it hurts to sit thanks to those squats) and my eyes shut and didn't open again for two whole hours.  I think my body is just so tired.  I am glad I listened to it.  Then, of course, I ran to try to loosen up the legs a bit (which did help) and then did some ab circuits.  I've been focusing on abs a lot lately because I have realized how weak my core is.

Tomorrow is already Thursday.  Only six more days of summer school left before I get another two and a half weeks off.  Then it's back to the grind of regular school.  Where does the time go, really?

Who else gets tired of the gym sometimes?


  1. I get gym exhaustion even though I rarely go to the gym! I wish it were cool enough out to do my XT outside. I do love at-home workouts! I'm experimenting with new ones all the time.

    I have that weight set you're using!!

  2. That nap sounds divine. I want one. :)

  3. I get tired of the gym too and sometimes take it outside. I don't do it that often because I don't have the heavy weights I need at home. My highest is 15lbs and that doesn't cut it for me anymore! What I need is: a pull up bar, 20lb dumbbells, 25 lb dumbbells, 20lb kettlebell... then I would be SET for upper body. And prob lower body too, but my lower body is touchy as squats and lunges still kind of hurt my knee so sometimes I am stuck using machines at the gym!

  4. I love working out home! So glad you listened to your body! You have had such a busy year, I am surprised more 2 hour naps have not been consumed!!!
    I am exhausted from running. I have a post coming soon about it because I only ran once last week! Oops :)

  5. I also get burnt out from the gym sometimes. Then I fall into the trap of never going...oops! Sometimes that happens to me as well with the DOMS. I have them super bad right now and am walking sideways down the stairs from my race....ouch!