Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Running Partners

I have been running a lot lately. I'm not actually sure why. It's like my running mojo came back with a vengeance and now I just can't stop.

While I do most of these runs alone, I can't help but enjoy running with someone from time to time. It really does make the run so much better when you have someone huffing and puffing right next to you. 

My first running partner will always be my very favorite. She's the voice inside my head during every hard workout. She is currently training for the San Francisco Nike Women's Half Marathon! I hope that some day we will run together again because I sincerely miss her and our awesome runs.

The past few weeks, I have done several runs with a new friend. This friend has been running for 20+ years and is fast. Much faster than me. It has been lovely running with someone who pushes me and also takes me literally off the beaten path (like through a marsh). They've even convinced me to sign up for the local running club, which is exciting as I will meet local runners and get in with the local running scene.  This is something I should've done years ago.

Today, however, I tried to convince someone who doesn't run very often to run with me because it was beautiful outside and I hadn't seen them in almost two months, so I wanted quality time.

We took four breaks in a matter of 1 mile. He will just stop in the middle of the road and refuses to move until we go in the direction of home. He is, quite possibly, the worst running partner I have.

After I finished up another 4.5 miles, I came home and laid on the ground with him for a good 30 minutes. He still is my favorite cuddling partner, and I guess that's what matters.

So, I think I will be sticking to my human running companions and only forcing Milo to walk. It has been really great having someone to talk to while running lately.

Do you prefer to run alone or with someone?


  1. I'm glad you joined a local running club and are finding more buddies!! I like to run with people but if I get in the habit of running alone I don't really like to run with a partner...and vice versa. If I run with someone too often I get scared to run alone! It's so weird.

  2. Aw your doggie is adorable :) I like running with friends but it rarely happens.

  3. I enjoy running solo and running buddies! I like to mix it up from time to time. I do notice that if I run with people that I do crave solo runs. It's very strange!
    Glad you joined a running club! It sounds like it will be an awesome experience!

  4. I almost never run with people. Mostly because I don't have friends. But I do love running alone to decompress and just do my thinking thing. :)