Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Road Trip

A lot of big changes have been happening in my life. One of the huge ones is that my brother got his first adult job. He moved out last Friday and headed back down to San Luis Obispo, where he went to college for three years and absolutely loved. This makes me incredibly sad because my brother is one of my very best friends. Fortunately, I didn't have to say goodbye quite yet as today, my dad and I road tripped down here to bring him his stuff that he wasn't able to fit into his car.

Of course, there was no way I was sitting in a car for 8 hours without moving my body. So, I was up early for the first time in a very long time to do a T25 video.

My dad picked me up at 8 and we played Tetris trying to fit our suitcases into the car with all of my brother's stuff. I tend to pack like I'm going away for 45 days no matter how long I'm actually going to be gone.

Of course, coffee is always an essential stop before hitting the road.

Several hours later, we hit my favorite part of the drive. 

I kept entertained for most of the drive by constantly reloading Google and texting my friend for the USA game scores. I don't want to talk about it.

We made it safely and we walked to dinner.

We also walked to the most important stop of the night.

My dad and brother searched for a place to shop for furniture, since my brother left all of his up north.  Then they left and I was by myself.

I chose to do what any normal person would do and went running instead.

There are about 90 bazillion hills, which make me feel strong when I finish running up them but I hate while I'm in the moment. This place has some really ugly views.

Now I am laying on the hotel room bed ready to fall asleep. Something about sitting in a car all day really knocks it out of you. I'm excited for the next four days out of town!

When was your last road trip?


  1. Aah, that's always a sad thing when a family member moves away. We went through the same thing since I have two sisters. Even though I moved away from home in 1999!!!! I still get sad every time I leave. Best of luck to your brother! :)

    1. And if you're interested I've nominated your blog on my page for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. :)

  2. Love your photos.
    Sorry to hear your brother moved away again. It makes your relationship stronger...right? lol
    I think very soon my family and I will be dealing with this same situation. Hopefully it won't suck too much, lol!

  3. Car-sitting is exhausting! I always fall asleep within like 20 minutes and leave J to do the driving. He is a lucky man. :) Good luck to your brother in his grown-up job!