Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Listening To Your Body

I titled my post that because I feel as though the only productive thing I did today was get in workout clothes and move my body. That's not entirely true. I woke up bright and early (after a bedtime of 1am) to drive the hour out to my mom's school for a CPR certification class. But that feels like it happened days ago because I was definitely not awake enough to be sure if it was real life or a dream. I did capture this photo from the drive, so it must have happened.

I kept telling myself that after my nap (I don't nap, that's how tired I've been all day) that I would strap on my Garmin and take a jaunt around the neighborhood. I really was not feeling HIIT today. Well, when I woke up the weather had taken a turn for the worse and I chose my dad's treadmill instead, because I'm a baby.

I slowed myself down today because my body was telling me to take it easy. With this full, very busy year upon me, I need to start listening to my body so that I don't crash and burn and end up really sick or injured.

While in the room with my sister during her delivery, I was amazed at how well she knew and listened to her body. She was even making jokes between contractions because she was so in tune with when she was in pain and when she was able to take a break from the pain. It got me thinking that every woman (and man) should be that in tune with their bodies. 

Everyone should listen to the little things their body tells them. If your body needs to slow down, slow down for the day, you can go faster tomorrow. If you are sore and really want a rest day, take it, and you will be able to go harder tomorrow.

I am honestly the worst at this. I tell myself I will go slower because my body is tired, but then actually go harder because I can go slower tomorrow. I will tell myself I will lift lighter weights, but then go heavy anyway because I'm "not that tired."  Lately, I have realized that this is my only body and I need to show it love and respect otherwise, I may not be able to run and lift the way I want and need. So I'm getting better. But I did do a 30 minute HIIT video after my run.

Then I showered and ate this random meal.

So I had a much lighter day of exercise and activity, but I am not beating myself up about it. I am praising myself for actually listening to the cues that my body didn't want to go hard. And that's almost as good of a feeling as the runner's high after a PR.

Do you listen to your body well?


  1. I love that you were so sleepy for a CPR course, it feels like a dream...I hope you remember what you learned when you need it! hehe

  2. In the past year or so I have really started to get in tune with body. It is amazing what happens when you actually stop and pay attention to it!
    I have prevented many injuries and colds by just listening!