Sunday, August 18, 2013

A Switcheroo and a Much Needed Long Run

So my dad decided to be crazy today and switch things up. He choose to make brunch instead of dinner, which meant that we obviously had to have dinner with boyfriend's mom because we are incapable of cooking for ourselves on Sunday.

Before noshing on that delicious food, I got my long run out of the way. I woke up with a stomachache and was really tired and I almost talked myself out of it. I told myself I would only go 6 miles and then work my way back up to the 9 and 10 milers I was doing before I left on my vacation. Well, with the help of this:

I ended up doing this:

I've been trying to slow down my long runs because I realized that I have been doing my runs FASTER than race pace and that's why I always want to be done half way through. There are many benefits to a long SLOW run and I just need to get over my ego and slow the heck down.

After hanging with the baby for awhile, we decided to actually take my cousin outside of the house while she's visiting. 

We went on the same hike that my sister and her husband and I went on when she was trying to induce labor.  It's about a mile and a half loop, but the first half is all uphill.

And the views are absolutely beautiful.

We immediately drove to boyfriend's mom's house when we were done hiking and refueled with turkey burgers and green beans and beets straight from his grandma's garden. I am so obsessed with all of the fresh vegetables I've been getting.

One of my very best friends since middle school is in town for about 12 hours, and I am lucky enough to get to be one of the chosen people to see her. So tonight I will be hanging out with her and my sister and the baby. A perfect ending to a very busy day.

Did you have a good Sunday?
Any long runs?


  1. That fruit salad looks insane!!

    Congrats on a great long run...sometimes the ones we dread most end up being the best!

  2. It took me, consistently slow down my long runs. I still struggle with it sometimes! For me, it was totally an ego thing, which is silly. So I feel your long run pain! :)

  3. I ran my 10 miler on Sunday and ohhhhhhhh, I hated it!!
    I just have to stay positive!!!