Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Way It Should Be

I am a firm believer that everything works out the way that it's supposed to. I was devastated back in May when I had to say goodbye to my classroom, my students, and my coworkers who felt more like family.

But, it opened up new doors. I got to experience other classrooms, adding more knowledge and to my new teacher repertoire. I even found a classroom that felt like a second home and I got toe student teach under her guidance this summer. I was planning on student teaching under her again at the beginning of the semester, but as I was waiting at the hospital for the baby to be born, I got a call from my administrator that the student had moved and I no longer had a job in that room.

I had a minor freak out about how I was supposed to make money and where I was supposed to do my first 12 weeks of student teaching. It didn't help when I showed up at school on Monday to see this:

Luckily, my administrator is amazing. She called me Tuesday to let me know that not only will I be able to student teach the first 12 weeks in my old classroom with my favorite coworkers and students, I also get to be paid as a sub.

I was ecstatic. I texted everyone in my family to let them know my good news. And today was my first day back in the classroom. And everything felt right.

My drive over the bridge felt like I had never stopped the drive. I saw the same cars commuting that I did for 5 years. And in the classroom, it was as if I never left. When I got to the gym at the hour I used to go, all of my gym best friends were there. The one girl who lifts weights that I try to smile at but she just glares at me. The man who wears inappropriate gym attire, but works his butt off. The old man who grunts really loudly and then wanders around for 20 minutes between sets. My world was right. And so was my run.

My lifts were even better. It was leg day, so deadlifts were a must.

As were squats. As you can tell, I got brave with the sweaty gym selfies. Probably because these people have seen me take months and months of selfies. I'm probably known as the weird girl who not-so-sneakily takes pictures of herself between sets.

I even got brave and finished a very intense lifting session with this:

My dinner routine even felt normal. I made an awesome chicken salad. I realized that I haven't cooked a meal since I've been home from the island.

It's funny how things fall into place and work out exactly how they should. If you're in a running slump, there's a reason for it. If you haven't found that perfect job, there's a reason for it. Just keep on reminding yourself of that when life feels so chaotic you can't breathe. That's what I have to do.

What has gone right in your world?
Tell me about a time you realized things happen for a reason. Do you believe that?


  1. I love all the inspiring quotes!
    It reminds me to just keep thinking positive....everything does happen for a reason.

  2. What an inspiring post :o) You're right...things happen for a reason!

  3. I absolutely agree that things happen for a reason! So glad that things turned out well for you. And I love that you have gym "friends" whom you've probably never talked to...I'm the same way. :)