Thursday, March 27, 2014

Switching Things Up

I had fallen into a rut lately with my exercising. I would run, lift, repeat. I was beginning to get bored and getting bored is never a good thing. 

So the past two weeks, I've been switching things up. I am such a creature of habit that this scares me. But my body is loving the change and I'm no longer bored in the gym. 

I have been doing group classes. Nothing like a good group class to bring my competitive side out. I've been sore for a week straight because I've been amount it up and actually pushin myself outside of my comfort zone. This was yesterday's workout.

I've also been doing Nike Training Club workouts. Today I did a 45 minute one and I was dripping sweat from the first minute.

So, needless to say, I've been waking up excited to go to the gym. I'm still running a whole lot, but breaking up the strength routine has really brought back my passion for lifting. And because this the pictures in this post have been boring, here's a picture of my dad throwing a napkin at my brother.

How often do you switch up your routine?


  1. Good for you in switching things up! I very rarely do that other than changing the type of running I I shoveled a lot the past two days and I have sore muscles that I didn't realize were in my body. Does that count as changing it up? Lol

  2. I think it is awesome that you are switching things up. Sometimes it is easy to get trapped but I love that you recognize it and you are doing something about it! WHOO!!!! :)

  3. Switching it up is smart! Says the person who never does it. :) I hardly ever change things up.

  4. I love switching things up. That's why I love T25! I need to try one of those deck of cards workouts!