Tuesday, March 4, 2014

My Workouts Lately

I haven't been posting a lot about my workouts lately because they look pretty much the same every day. Run, lift, repeat.

I figure I am long overdue for telling you guys what I'm up to in the gym every day, because I have kept up my 365 day streak. Which is now over 365 days, but that's beside the point.

Running: I have been running about 40 miles a week. I switch it up every day. Sundays are long run day, Mondays are easy, Tuesdays are usually a progression run of sorts, Wednesdays are easy, Thursdays are sprints, and Fridays are usually easy. Saturdays I take off. I will admit that most of my runs are on the treadmill because I lift afterward and it's just easier. I run outside when I just cannot stand the 'mill any longer. I also don't feel safe running by myself in most places because we have a very high crime rate for our tiny town.

Lifting: I lift 5 days a week. I have big plans for lifting this year, but I've been focusing on my running until racing season is over. I may run a 10 miler on Sunday, but I'm a baby and am waiting to see what the weather is like. I still break my lifts into body parts, but I definitely do big compound lifts with all of my routines. I also like to try a new move once a week. Yesterday I did kettlebell snatches and I am so sore today!

Videos: Every Saturday I have been doing T25. I usually do 2, one cardio one and one circuit one. If I don't want to do a second T25, then I will use a Fitnessblender video, which is still my very favorite website for workout videos.

My good friend has been meeting me at the gym every day since she got her gym membership. I am absolutely loving having someone next to me while
I workout. Having someone with me makes me work 95 bazillion times harder.

So that's what I've been doing lately. Boyfriend has been working out as well. Working out his jaw while eating.

Yes, that is an entire cake. Yes he did eat 3/4s of it last night. And those muscles he has come from clicking a computer mouse until the sun comes up. Of course I'm jealous.

How have your workouts been lately?


  1. A 365 day streak? That is amazing! I've been running. I like getting in 5 runs a week, but the last two weeks to a real hit because I had a terrible cold and the next couple weeks will be light because I'm running half marathons on the weekend. I'm excited for the races but looking forward to getting back in the routine after they're over.

    1. Yeah, my goal for 2013 was to exercise for at least 30 minutes a day for 365 days. I actually made it and haven't stopped since! So it's been 365 days plus three more months. I am so excited to read about your races! I am sending you good racing vibes!!

  2. How do you divide up your lifting? Right now I lift 4 days a week (no lower body) w/ about 20 min of cardio on those days. 2 days a week I do 40 min cardio, and then I have a rest day. Cardio is usually the arc trainer and a few min on the treadmill!

    1. I typically do a four day split with light strength training on Saturdays. Mondays- Shoulders, Tuesdays- Legs, Thursdays- Chest/Tri, Fridays- Back/Bicep. I typically do lower body again on Saturdays, just because squats are so good for my backside, which is an area I don't have much of and am trying to grow.

    2. Great! I was just wondering! I can't do lower body right now so I do 4 days split- 2 days chest/tri/shoulders and 2 days back/bi. I usually throw core in on all the days just because I gotta do SOMETHING!

  3. lmao I love the pic of Boyfriend stretching your leg. I can relate.

    40 miles a week?! Damn. You're marathon-ready! I need to up my game again, but I'm enjoying some downtime to be honest. Short races are in my future this month!

  4. You always amaze and inspire me Rachel!
    I can not wait to work out with when we come to Cali!!! It will be terrific! I feel like I need to do an update as well about my running...I feel like I haven't talked about it in forever, especially with my 10K coming up :)