Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Spring Break?

This week is technically Spring Break at my college. While all of the undergrads are off frolicking on the beach in their bikinis (somewhere far from here), I'm still going to my placement each day. The only difference is that I don't have class. Which is good because it means more time with this little one.

That's right. She's big enough to sit in the shopping cart. Pretty soon she will be graduating from high school. I don't like this. My sister and I have been doing a lot of prepping for a bridal shower we are throwing this weekend. I spent an hour and a half doing this today.

The babe helped out a lot. She's a great artist already!

It's been really fun hanging out with them every single day. I've only been seeing them once a week since school keeps me so busy! It's also taken my mind off missing this guy, who still won't be home for another three days.

He went to Davis for the week to have eye surgery. Fun fact: when he was three, he was leaning back in his chair exactly how we tell every child NOT to. Well, he fell backward and his eyes crossed. It really freaked his mom out when he said, "I see two mommies!" He had surgery to straighten them out, but since he has become an EMT and has a very random sleep schedule, they re-crossed. So he had the surgery again.

I will spare you the one that made MY eyes hurt. When he comes home, his eyes will be straight. I feel terrible that I can't be there with him, but it was the worst possible week since this is my first week at the new placement. Which I am absolutely loving, by the way.

Happy Wednesday!!! 

Have you ever had surgery? 


  1. Hope your BF heals nicely and he gets home soon!!!
    At least your niece and sister are keeping you busy and you get to see them! It's heard when you are so busy and you don't get to see your loved ones! Been there, done that.
    I love that you are enjoying your new placement! You are almost done with school - OMG!!!!!! :) :)

  2. Hope your BF's recovery goes well. Interesting fact - I was cross eyed as a kid. It was a condition I was born with (strabismus). I had 3 surgeries before the age of 5, so luckily I don't remember much of it. But, because of how they fixed it, I can not physically cross my eyes (I used to hate when friends would hold up a finger and say "follow my finger" and move it towards my nose... seriously, I can't cross them! I'll track with my dominant eye but my other eye won't). I've always been bummed that I can't see those "magic eye" 3-D image things.

  3. Oh I hope your BF recovers quickly. :) the only surgery I've ever had is when I got my tonsils removed. I'm super scared of hospitals! LOL

  4. can have surgery to uncross your eyes?! I hope BF is feeling better and healing up!