Sunday, March 2, 2014

My Dad is Famous

This week marked the first week of 6 days of classes once again. That's right, this semester we are doing math camp with the kids on Saturday mornings. Friday was a very long day. Six hours of classes, 3 hours of an event (which was awesome), and then a two hour play at the local high school. Which came at the perfect time considering my last post. I field tripped to my old locker.

Needless to say, I was exhausted by the time I got home at 11. It was straight to bed and then straight to school again in the morning. My cohort friend and I went to the gym afterward. I did some prints on the treadmill.

Then we moved onto the Stairmaster. I hadn't been on that thing in months. It hurt so good.

The rest of Saturday afternoon was spent with my mom. We did what every person does on a Saturday afternoon: lesson plans. It was way too cute. Thank goodness for my mom.

After I finished bonding with my mom, I tried to bond with boyfriend, but he had better things to do. Instead, I took selfies and pressed random buttons on his keyboard, because that's what good girlfriends do.

The evening consisted of girl's night. Two of my lady friends had birthdays last week, so we made tacos to celebrate. I don't think that birthdays should be celebrated any other way.

We are all approximately 76 years old (I'm pretty sure my friends turned 78 this year), so we spent the evening in pjs and watching movies while eating popcorn. It was the best night. I was out until 1am, so I guess that knocks my age range down a bit. 

I slept until 11, which is the longest I've slept in months. Boyfriend and I made our way to his mom's house where this was waiting for me.

It fueled me nicely for my 12-mile treadmill run. Yes, it was raining again.

Boyfriend asked how people were supposed to know that I actually ran and didn't just leave the treadmill running. I told him that I always take sweaty selfies as proof.

My dad made a delicious dinner that was scarfed down with in minutes. Then he made us watch a TV show. Fun fact: our claim to fame are Sara Bareilles and Guy Fieri. A few months ago, my dad as step mom were asked to come to a filming of Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives. Well, the episode aired a few days ago and my dad recorded it because he had not one, but two speaking roles. He's now famous and will be signing autographs.

Tomorrow begins my second solo week. My supervisor will come and watch me on Wednesday. I always get really nervous when she comes, even though I know I shouldn't. Have a beautiful Monday.

Teachers, when do you lesson plan?
What are your town's claims to fame?


  1. 12 miles on the treadmill?! Nice! That sweaty selfie is definite proof haha....I'd never even thought of someone faking a run!

    So, is DDD pretty scripted? You said your dad had two "speaking roles" which makes me wonder how they set that up!

  2. Haha our claim to fame is John Goodman and Nelly. But a friend of mine is going to be on the voice this season! We are waiting to see him on the blind auditions, he can't tell anyone if he made it. He's from my little town and I used to go to the bars just to see him play. I'm so excited for him! I still don't know how you go that long on a treadmill.

  3. Girl, I've been teaching for 9 years and I STILL get nervous when I'm being observed! I feel ya. But you will do great. :)

  4. OMG! So cool your Dad was on DDD - one of our favorite shows ever!!!!!
    I love lesson planning on Saturday when Gunshow is working - it is so quiet and I can get so much done!
    GOOD LUCK on your SOLO week!!! You are amazing!!!

  5. You've been busy! I'm totally impressed that you know which lockers was yours, I wouldn't remember; in fact, I have a recurring nightmare that I'm back in HS and I can't remember which locker is mine or what the combo is. Glad I'm not in HS anymore.
    I'm also about 76 years old so a night in with girlfriends in PJs sounds like a perfect girls night to me! :)