Thursday, March 13, 2014


So, it's already Thursday and I simply cannot believe it.  That means it's time for another throwback post about my life as a high schooler.  This year is Junior Year.  You can find my previous two posts here and here.

Junior year was the beginning of my rebellious phase.  And by rebellious phase, I mean I lied to my parents about where I was on the weekends for approximately one month to go to really lame high school parties and drink Malibu Rum.  Most of the time I was DD anyway.  Gosh.  I was a crazy teenager.

We had a friend who lived in his own apartment for about a month, so that was really cool.  

For some reason, my parents had absolutely no idea that I went through this phase and assumed that I was the perfect 17-year-old.  Until I was probably 23 and stories started coming out that shocked my mother and father.  Compared to most teenagers, I was basically an angel.

One night, I told my mom that I was staying at my friend's house and she told her mom that she was staying at my house.  Really, we were planning on staying the night at a friend's (who happened to be of the male sex) house.  Well, communication is not a strong point for any 17-year-old, and he kicked us out at 3am.  Instead of being smart and making up a story to tell one of our parents about why we were returning to the other's house at 3am, we decided that the smart choice was to hang out at the 24-hour grocery store until her mom went to work at 7am.  That's right.  We walked around a grocery store for 5 hours because we were too afraid to get in trouble.  Well, 4 hours.  The last hour we took up post on the side of the road waiting for her mom to drive by.

We also were super rebellious and snuck into the local hotel pool pretty much every single day.  The pool is half indoor/half outdoor, so we would just hop the fence, then crawl under the gap and open the door.  We would make up stories about where we were from and take stupid pictures.

We also cut class once or 17 times to go to the river.  Who needs US history when you can eat Pringles and soak up vitamin D?

This was the year we had a Belgian exchange student.  I loved him with all of my heart.  Had it been an alternate universe, I probably would have ended up marrying him.  I am still Facebook friends with him and I might still marry him some day.

No seriously, I loved him.

This was the year of my junior prom.  But I also went to senior prom with an actual senior.  I wore the same dress to both proms.  I told you I was a rebel.

Can you tell who my best friend was during this year?

I participated in my first PowderPuff.  We were Marley's Angels.  Please don't ask me why or who in the heck chose that name, but the Tye Dye was cool.  This was the extent of my physical exercise for the year.  I also still wear those sweats at least once a week.  

There was a trip to Hawaii thrown somewhere in there.  This time there was actual sun and no rain. 

Our annual February trip was to Disneyland where I picked up a new boyfriend.

I also went to New York City for the first time.  It was obviously the year I flew on airplanes too many times.  I'm the worst flier on the planet.

Our Marine Biology class took a trip to San Francisco.  It's a brave, brave soul to take a group of juniors in high school on a trip away from home.  The trip was one of the most fun times I've had in San Francisco, and I've had a lot of fun times there.

All in all, Junior Year was a pretty good year.  At least I got all of that rebel stuff out of the way because now I wouldn't dream of going out on a Saturday night until the dawn of Sunday morning.  Not when I can be in bed, asleep.

How was your junior year of high school?


  1. This post is perfection! You WERE a rebel, but definitely on the low end. That hotel pool sneak in is awesome. And I was laughing so hard when you skipped class to go to the RIVER hahaha! I did one pretty rebelious thing (meeting a boy I met on the internet and getting in his CAR) when I was 17. My parents of course found out and I got in DEEP SHIT. Omg. That was the worst thing I ever did when I was a teenager. I had my share of crazy times when I was a little older and could drink. My craziest years were 22-23.

  2. I was the most boring teenager ever, ha. Your rebellion really does look crazy compared to my lack of it. And then there was college.... Also, you had two different proms? In one year? Crazy.

  3. Your prom hairstyle...that takes me back!!!

  4. OMG! I would never guess you were a rebel! When I was 17 I had my rebellion phase too but it was very tame! We would stay out til like 2am in the parking lot just talking. Crazy crazy times! The summer between junior and senior year, Gunshow and I had broken up and I was dating a guy 5 years older than me. Yup - definitely a rebel!!!
    This post made me laugh!
    Our school only had one prom and it was our junior year and it sucked! The only cool thing was that we took our limo through a Taco Bell drive thru. Gunshow will talk about it to this day!