Sunday, March 23, 2014

A Bridal Shower Weekend

Our college Spring Break ended on Friday. The best part about my week was that I got to see my sister and the babe every single day. I usually only get to see them once a week, so this was a treat.

Friday, since we usually have class all day, I got to sleep in a bit. Then I got to hit up the CrossFit style class at the gym that I never get to go to because it's at 12 in the afternoon. I killed my shoulders and I still can't lift my arms today. It was a fantastic workout.

The rest of the day was spent doing last minute bridal shower stuff. Saturday, we had class again. I was thankful I at least had Friday to sleep in because I was up before the sun to get a workout in before school. Then it was immediately to the shower to set up.

My lovely friend was kind enough to make us amazing cupcakes (not gluten free, so I have no idea how they tasted). They looked professional, though. And I did hear rave reviews.

We made a massive spread of food. My sister made scones and cucumber sandwiches while I cut up strawberries and watermelon. We also put cheese and berries on a toothpick and made mini caprese salads with a cherry tomato, mozzarella, and basil.  We also had a mimosa bar as well as a large selection of the bride's favorite tea.

We had a few things set up in the room where the guests first entered. We had them write advice to the bride, give her an idea for a date night, and had them play "Guess the Bride's Age." We also played, "What's In Your Purse" and "How Well Do You Know The Bride?" 

All in all, I feel it was a great bridal shower. Especially considering we had both never done anything like that before. Thank goodness for Pintrest. It also helps that we have the world's most laid back bride to deal with.

This morning was the usual routine. It was so sunny and beautiful, I couldn't wait to get my run on. Today's run was one of those fantastic ones that make you feel so blessed that you actually can run. There were also a few moments where I got so engrossed in my podcast that I totally forgot I was running.

I mean, the weather was perfect. Even the breeze felt great.

I even have the mark of the runner.

Be grateful I spared you a picture of my toes.... Oh. And my personal stretcher is back. I sure did miss him. And no, he did not get punched in the face. And he says thank you so much for the well wishes!!

The rest of Sunday looked a lot like this.

I hope everyone had a marvelous weekend!

How has the weather been where you are?


  1. I have to agree with you on the runs - I love runs where you feel so blessed to be running!!! The weather looks gorgeous there. Our days are mixed. One day it will be really nice and the next it is FREEZING! I wish spring would come and stay - not tease us!!!!

    I am planning a bridal shower for July - I liked some of the ideas you had :)

  2. Any podcast recommendations for us? I want to give that a try as running entertainment and currently only listen to a couple routinely.

  3. OMG you have a tan! It's totally freezing here again!!!!!!!!! We're also getting 35-45 cm of snow on Wednesday?!?!?

    This post made me crave so many I'd love a cupcake right about now. ;)

  4. Ooh I wish I had my own personal stretcher!! :)

  5. The shower looks so nice! I'm glad you had a nice spring break (even though it wasn't really a break for you). When does your semester end?

  6. I wish I could develop a running tan line...stupid heat means I like to run when it's dark! That last pic of your niece is sooo precious!