Thursday, March 6, 2014

Sophomore Year

Last week, I decided to do a theme post that kind of goes along with Throwback Thursday.  Then I realized that fitting all four years of high school into one post would make for a very long read.  So I am splitting it into four weeks.  This week is Sophomore Year.  The most important thing about this year is that it is probably the year I actually learned the correct spelling of sophomore.  Let's be honest.  It was a boring year.

I had a saying that Sophomores are like Tuesdays, it's pointless.  It's not the beginning, so it's not exciting.  It's not the middle, so you feel close to the end, and it's not the end.  It just kind of exists, like Tuesdays do.

The best part about Sophomore year was that I turned 16.  As did all of my friends.  My best friend turned 16 first, then me, so we were the cool ones.  Of course, we weren't actually cool because we refused to break rules and caravanned everywhere we went because we weren't allowed to drive anyone without a licensed 25-year-old in the car with us.  And I did stuff like this.

This was my best friend's 16th birthday party.

One day, we were returning from the mall (in separate cars), because that's what we did for fun.  Let me just tell you that our mall is one story and has approximately 6 stores in it.  When I looked in my rearview mirror, my best friend's car had disappeared from behind me.  We were driving on a rather dangerous road, so of course I assumed that she had flown off a cliff and was dead because that was the only logical explanation.  I continued to her house to get her father (a chaplain for the police department) and go back and find her.  Well, she hadn't actually flown off the cliff.  Her 15-year-old car had broken down and she hitched hiked back to her house (it was only a mile away).  She still doesn't let me forget it.  Luckily she forgave me.

Sophomore year must have also been the year of the sucker for me...

This was the last year I was forced to take PE.  We had a student teacher (who is now my circuit instructor) and she loved us.  She had us roam the halls while we were running laps looking for people who were sitting down and not moving.  Little did she know that the people she had us looking for were ourselves.  We were the most lazy people ever.  We got out of every sports game we had to play by saying we would do cardio by walking around campus.

If anyone knows what a "Logger" is, they get an extra 45 points.  I quickly found out that no one outside of my county actually know what that is when I went to college.

This was also the year of the world's worst trip to Hawaii.  My dad and step-mother used to own a condo (they sold it without consulting the family and it is still a sore subject) on the Big Island.  We thought it would be fun to go to Hawaii for New Year's to get away from the awful storms we usually get here.  Joke was on us because the entire ten days we were there it was a non-stop storm.  And it wasn't a warm tropical storm.  No.  It was the worst, coldest storm Hawaii had seen in 50 years.  It was the headline in all of the newspapers and one day it even SNOWED on Oahu.  It was that bad.

The smiles are fake.  And we aren't wet from the ocean.

We watched two entire seasons of Friends and went to the beach once when it looked like the skies might clear up a little bit.  Needless to say, we did not return to school with the amazing tans we had been talking about since we found out we were going.

I had a long-term boyfriend by this point.  Don't ask me how that happened.  We were madly in love and spent most of our time together.  My friends, however, did not like him and chose to tell me that at every waking moment.  In hindsight, I should have listened to my friends.  Mostly, I was just a big weirdo who didn't care much about what anyone said.

Please notice the 96 billion Nano Pets in the background. 

How was your sophomore year?  How do you feel about Tuesdays?


  1. LOVE this post! Your writing style is just so hilarious. I hated gym and getting sweaty pretty much all through high school. I always tried to be the goalie so I wouldn't have to do any physical activity. I didn't turn 16 until summer, so no driving my sophomore year. Let's see... yah I can't remember much else! I'll have to go back and look as some pictures. They won't be nearly as funny as yours!! :)

  2. Ah yes, the year of the bad boyfriend. I think we can all relate to that!!

  3. I enjoyed Sophomore year. I loved all my classes!! Plus, my BFF and I were becoming extremely close and that made me happy. We also turned 16 and it was DRAMA to see who would pass their driver's test and who wouldn't. For the record, I failed the first time because I wasn't ready. I didn't get my license until I was 18 and forced to.