Thursday, December 5, 2013

Well That Was Embarrassing

Yesterday I was tired again. Being at my new placement, I sit a lot more than I usually do during my day. This makes me feel so lethargic by the time I get in my car. But about 10 minutes into my run, my legs warmed up, and I felt good.

When I was finished with my run, I decided to do some tabatas. I decided on doing bicep and ab circuits, so I grabbed some weights and headed to the upstairs room that's quiet and usually free of people. It's approximately 1 foot by 5 feet, so the maximum occupancy is about 3. I had the room to myself for a good 10 minutes. Then a group of 4 very loud, very smelly teenage boys entered the room and my solitude was broken.

Of course, the first thing I tried to do was take a picture. For the blog. To how how close they were to me and how in my space they were. Well, joke's on me because my flash was on "auto." I tried to immediately cover it and pretend it was an accident.

It so obviously was not an accident. It was dark and the entire room lit up. I was so embarrassed when I looked up and they were all staring at me. So what did I do? Didn't care at all and took another picture.

Our feet were basically touching. So now I'm that creepy girl who takes pictures of strangers at the gym. 

In other news, this week is almost over and I honestly can't believe it. Two more weeks and I will be halfway done with school. I feel like I can handle it.

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  1. It's crazy how sitting more can really affect lethargy.

    I need to learn what tabatas are. So confusing to me!