Sunday, December 22, 2013

'Twas the Day Before My Birthday

Yes. Tomorrow is my 26th birthday. I am not freaking out about turning 26. I am freaking out about the fact that it seems as though it was JUST my birthday last week and it's really been a year! Where does the time go????

Today began with breakfast at my sister's house with one of my best friends from elementary school. She is getting married in June and she asked us if we would be her maid and matron of honor!! We had a cry sesh. I could not believe she asked us that and I am so honored!

Boyfriend is finally comfortable holding the baby. When she was first born, he was incredibly scared to hold her. Now they're buds.

I went to the zoo Costco to grab some stuff for my sushi party tomorrow. It was absolutely nutso. 

I was more than ready for my long run by the time we got home. It was incredibly beautiful outside, so I decided to run from my dad's house to the gym. I got really into my run. I had not charged for months forgotten my Garmin, so I used RunKeeper on my phone, but tucked my phone away (in my bra). I had no idea what my pace was or how far I had gone. By the time I got to the gym I had run 10.1 miles at a 7:27 pace! I have NO clue how that happened, but I will take it. I ran another 1.3 miles on the treadmill while I waited for boyfriend to come pick me up.

I really renewed my love of running.  After several weeks of pure treadmill running, it felt so good to just have the pavement, fresh air, and myself.  There was another runner out who was wearing a sweatshirt, a jacket over the sweatshirt, ear muffs, and mittens, like it was 20 below.  I was wearing a tank top and capris.  I overheated for her!  I had a mini race in my mind with her, but she kept veering off down side roads.  At one point I almost caught up to her, but she ran down a side street and I didn't want to feel like a stalker.  It was fun while it lasted.  Also, It felt so great to put my feet up in the car.

After showering, I met up with my beautiful friend for a sunset beach walk. It was gorgeous.

I feel so fortunate that I live 5 minutes from this beauty.

I also feel more than grateful that this woman is in my life now.

Oh. And this guy. He loves me sometimes.

Now we are going to do our annual tradition of looking at Christmas lights while listening to Christmas music. I love how festive everyone gets for my birthday!


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY RACHEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I hope you have a fabulous day!
    Great job on your run!
    You ROCK girl!!!!

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! And congrats on being asked to be a MOH. Seriously, that's such a huge deal!