Saturday, December 21, 2013

The Time I Was Halfway Done

Yesterday marked the end of the semester, which means that I am officially halfway through my credential program. Time flies so incredibly fast, I can't believe it. This is how we all were feeling.

That's my friend B. He's hilarious and fantastic. Our final was super hard. We all had to brig a dish to share at a potluck. Ad then we had to eat. My life is hard, but someone has got to live it.

I had a great, short run after class, followed by lifting. Doesn't everyone celebrate the end of their semester with a trip to the gym???

The ladies (plus B) had made plans to celebrate by cooking dinner and exchanging ornaments. It was a great time, and once again I was out way too late for my grandma butt.

This afternoon, my mom had a cookie party. We had trays of cookies for everyone to decorate. I think my mom went a little cookie crazy.

My best friends in the world came over and so did my nieces. All feels right in the world with friends, cookies, and babies.

I think my mom got grand baby fever.  Which is going to last a long time, since I am just fine being Aunt Rachel.

Boyfriend, of course, had to show off with his cookie decorating skills.

Mine look like a 3-year-old made them. 

Look how beautiful my bestie is with her daughter.

That baby is so photogenic. I also got a selfie with her, of course.

After our selfie, she told me the most amazing story.

Now boyfriend and I are on our way to see The Music Man at our local theater. I am turning 26 in 2 days (less than, actually, since today is almost over) and it's really freaking me out!

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  1. Yay for being halfway done!!!!! WHOOP!!!
    I love cookies yummmmm!
    Don't freak out about 26!
    Plus Gunshow turned 26 in October and he is still lifting ;-)