Sunday, December 8, 2013

Instead of Homework

I'm definitely feeling the end of the semester. I am so close to being done with a huge project that I just can find the motivation to sit down and write the summary. So this weekend, I did a whole lot of not doing homework.

Instead of homework- I drove to boyfriend's mom's house for brunch. Malcom had a very comfortable ride.

Instead of homework- I had an amazing breakfast with wonderful people. We haven't seen boyfriend's mom for a couple of weeks because she went to LA for Thanksgiving. It was fantastic to see her again.

Instead of homework- I avoided my long run. I had amazing plans torun from  boyfriend's mom's house to town and back which is about 8 miles. But then I ate and sat around chatting and decided to wait to go on my dad's treadmill. When I got to my dad's I realized that I had forgotten pants and had to borrow some of my step-mom's shorts. Then, I got 2/10ths of a mile and the belt broke. It was really seeming like the stars weren't aligned for me to run. I went to the gym and everything was okay after that.

Instead of homework- I held babies. I know I say it all of the time, but I am massively in love with my niece. Today we spent a long time cuddling.

Instead of homework- I watched my sister decorate my dad's Christmas tree. We have a fun tradition of decorating the tree as crazy as possible and then the parents laugh and have to redecorate the whole thing. We also stand far away from the tree and throw the garland. I love this time of year.

Instead of homework- I spent many hours with the boyfriend, with my famy, exercising, and just living and being present. My homework will get done eventually. I enjoyed my weekend and that's what matters.


  1. I almost feel guilty as a teacher saying this, but good for you. Real life is so much more important, and sometimes you have to unwind!

    That picture of your dog is hilarious!

  2. Sometimes homework has to be put in the back burner. It is very important to enjoy life!