Friday, December 13, 2013

My Friday The 13th

First, I just want to give a warm welcome to the new readers! Hello! Thank you so much for commenting!  Keep 'em coming. I love hearing from people.

Second, a confession. Christmas is 12 days away and I have done ZERO Christmas shopping. It's really hard to get excited about the holiday season when you're completely broke. I should get on it though. Christmas is coming way too fast.

My Friday the 13th was pretty good. I started off the morning assessing a student instead of being a student myself. Anytime I get to be with the students instead of in class makes a much better day. I did eventually make it to class. Then I immediately went to the gym.

Whenever I do a shorter run, I bump the treadmill up every mile. This time I put an incline every half mile. It's how I beat boredom. I also had this guy today.

Friday is back day. I enjoy training my back because I get to do fun moves like this.

Boyfriend decided to train his entire body, but spent most of the time doing dips, because he's a dip. ;-) 

I really like it when he works out with me. It makes me happy and feel less lonely. I enjoy working out by myself and having alone time, but it's great having someone to talk to, especially when we haven't seen each other for 3 days. We headed to Costco, because that's our usual Friday afternoon activity.

We were invited to boyfriend's mom's house for dinner and to decorate the tree. We hung out with his grandma for awhile and boyfriend forced her dog to love him.

We had a delicious, light dinner of chicken, Brussels sprouts, and potatoes.

Then the decorating began. Again, I am pretty much an opposite Martha Stewart and get bored with anything that has to do with decorating, because I'm horrible at it. So I sat on the couch and was really helpful by watching and not ruining the tree.

Now I am going to fall fast asleep. I am so looking forward to next week when I can turn off my alarm for two weeks. Have a fantastic Saturday!!!

Do you like decorating?


  1. Okay, weights question (as I get back to the gym): how did you find the exercises to do? I seem to always stick to the machines I know, but I need to branch out!

    I haven't done any Xmas shopping except for Matt's because I knew what he wanted. I'm the worst!

  2. As I am rereading this (I read it before and didn't comment) you are making me want to work out. This is why I love reading your blog. I have been in such a funk lately and need to get back to running and starting to lift :)
    Thanks for posting about your fitness!!!